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A Level Spanish at Saint Gregory's Catholic College

Course description

This course is a radical and exciting departure from the GCSE specification. Far higher levels of independent study and research skills are required. A more rigorous approach to grammar is a prerequisite to achieving true mastery of the language. Students are strongly advised to read Spanish newspapers as well as visiting Spanish speaking countries.

Students will gain a lasting appreciation of language and learning, an ability to comprehend Spanish in a wide range of contexts, an ability to communicate readily in Spanish for a variety of purposes, a useful knowledge of and insights into Spanish-speaking cultures (both contemporary and historic) and valuable skills for foreign travel, further education and employment.

Course content

AS Level:

Unit 1: Listening, reading and writing.

Unit 2: Speaking.

Topics studied include: Media – television, advertising, communication technology; Popular Culture – cinema, music, fashion/trends; Sport & Exercise; Holidays, Family & Relationships - relationships within the family, friendships, marriage/partnerships

A2 Level:

Unit 3 : Listening, reading and writing.

Unit 4 : Speaking.

Topics studied include: Environment – pollution, energy, protecting the planet; The Multicultural Society – immigration, integration, racism, contemporary social issues; Wealth & Poverty; Law & Order - the impact of scientific and technological progress. Students also study a cultural topic based on a target language-speaking region/community.

Entry requirements

Students will have a minimum of a grade B in GCSE Spanish. Students will be interested in the culture and way of life in the countries where Spanish is spoken and it is likely that students will spend time in one of these countries on an educational visit or exchange. Students will need to take a positive interest in current affairs and ethical issues in general. Students could go on to study languages further at degree level and language graduates are sought after and highly employable. Languages are also enabling A Levels for a vast range of degree courses.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Saint Gregory's Catholic College directly.

Last updated date: 20 April 2015

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