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Chemistry A Level at King Edward VI Community College

Course description

Salters’ AS and A Level courses in Chemistry are certainly demanding, requiring not only intellectual qualities but also the personal qualities of patience, considerable persistence and great commitment. However, they are innovative, include ‘cutting edge chemistry’ and are fun!

The courses present chemistry in important ‘real world’ contexts. Chemical concepts are introduced within a relevant context, the course being written as a series of modules based on contemporary issues in chemistry. Students study the chemistry in a spiral way so that chemical ideas introduced in early topics are reinforced later.

Course content

AS Level Chemistry is a one year course.
It comprises the following topics:
- Elements of Life
- Elements From the Sea
- What's in a Medicine?
- Developing Fuels

These modules are assessed by two exams in June. The first contains both multi-choice questions and short answer questions and is designed to test 'breadth' of knowledge. The second paper requires longer, more structured answers and is designed to test 'depth' of knowledge

A Level Chemistry is a two year course.

It covers the AS modules in the first year and then goes on to cover the following topics:
- The Chemical Industry
- Oceans
- Polymers and Life
- Developing Metals

The assessment of the full A Level is comprised of three theory papers and a 'Practical Endorsement’ (non-exam assessment). The three theory papers examine Fundamentals of Chemistry, Scientific Literacy in Chemistry and Practical Skills in Chemistry respectively. Note: the latter paper assesses practical knowledge and skills via a theory paper.

Entry requirements

Grade B or above in GCSE Maths. Grade BB or above in Core and Additional Science or BCC or above in Triple Sciences (the Grade B must be in Chemistry). GCSE Applied Science or Level 2 BTEC Science will not be accepted as a route to A Level Chemistry


Learning styles vary from the traditional to individual problem solving tasks and group presentations. Interpretation and quality of practical work also forms a high percentage of the learning.

Future opportunities

A Level Chemistry is an essential or preferred qualification not only for a wide variety of science related courses at university but is also viewed very favourably by the business and financial sector. It is commonplace for chemistry graduates to move into other areas of science. As a result, many doors are open to chemistry graduates and career opportunities are very diverse. Chemistry is also a wise choice for students studying subjects mainly in the arts or humanities but who wish to maintain a breadth and diversity in their studies. A chemistry qualification shows that you have the qualities important to may non-scientific careers, as well as scientific ones – that’s why you’ll find chemists in everything from food to finance.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King Edward VI Community College directly.

Last updated date: 08 February 2017

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