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Philosophy AS/A-Level at St Aloysius RC College

Course description

Philosphy is the study of ideas. It addresses some of the most important and interesting questions humans can ask and places great value on reason and the ability to think logically and critically.

Course content

1st year - students will study Epistemology and explore questions such as what do we reallyknow? Where do our ideas come from? They will also study The Philosophy of Religion and tackle questions such as is God’s existence provable? Is our concept of God coherent?

2nd year - students will go on to study Ethics and try to answer questions such as why should I be good? Is morality cultural or universal? They will also study The Philosophy of Mind and debate such questions as are minds synonymous to brains? Will machines ever truly think.

Entry requirements

This is an academically demanding subject and only students with at least a B in English language GCSE should consider applying.


AS - 100% final AS grade 50% final A-level grade - 3 hours written exam. Total marks 80. Compulsory questions

A2 - 50% final A-level grade - 3 hours written exam. Total marks 100. Compulsory questions.

Future opportunities

As this can be studied at degree level it is also helpful for students thinking of embarking on careers in law or politics or any work that requires good arguing and analytic skills.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Aloysius RC College directly.

Last updated date: 05 December 2016
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