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Drama and Theatre Studies A Level at St Andrew's Catholic School

Course description

Component 1 allows the students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed. Students practically explore two set texts then sit a written paper where they will analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others.

The last section of the written exam focuses on evaluating a live production they have seen.

Information about the written paper:- 3 hours and 3 Sections. 40% of total marks.

  • Section A – set text 1: Drama through the Ages, students answer one question from a choice of two – all perspectives ( director, actor, designer) are included across the two options
  • Section B – set text 2: 20th and 21st century drama, students answer one compulsory question from a director’s perspective and one further question chosen from a choice of two (actor perspective or designer perspective) both questions based on a printed extract from the chosen set text
  • Section C – Live theatre production: students answer one question from a choice of four questions analysing the effectiveness of one live production seen.

Component 2 allows students to create and develop ideas to communicate meaning as part of the theatre making process, making connections between dramatic theory and practice. They must apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance. 30% of total marks.

Two assessment tasks:- produce an individual Working notebook [40 marks]; contribute to a final devised, group performance [20 marks]. There are no restrictions on the choice of subject matter; the starting point for the piece is chosen by the students. The work must be devised using the ideas and methodologies of one prescribed practitioner.

Performance Timings:- Monologue (one performer) – between 2 and 5 minutes; Two performers – between 5 and 10 minutes; Three - six performers – between 6 and 30 minutes (adjust to size of group).

Component 3 allows students to apply theatrical skills to realistic artistic intentions in live performance using key extracts from three different plays. Students then analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others. 30% of total marks.

Students must practically explore (workshop) and interpret three key extracts, each from a different play and complete two assessment tasks:- formally present Extract 3 to an audience [40 marks]; produce an individual Reflective report, analysing and evaluating their theatrical interpretation of all three key extracts studied [20 marks]; Key Extract 3 must be interpreted and rehearsed using the ideas and methodologies of a different prescribed practitioner from the one applied in


Entry requirements

B in Drama


Component 1: Written Paper—40%, 80 marks. 3 hours; 3 Sections -

  • Section A: set text 1 – (25 marks).
  • Section B: set text 2 – (25 marks). (Sections A & B are open book).
  • Section C: live production – (30 marks).

Component 2: Creating original drama.

  • Practical Coursework—Teacher marked; AQA moderated 30%, 60 marks.
  • Devised performance – 20 marks. Working notebook – 40 marks.
  • Devised piece influenced by one prescribed practitioner

Component 3: Making theatre.

  • Practical Coursework—Marked by AQA 30%, 60 marks.
  • Practical exploration of three key extracts from contrasting plays; one performed in the style of a second prescribed practitioner – 40 marks.
  • Reflective report – 20 marks.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Andrew's Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 03 June 2016
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