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Mathematics A Level at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College

Course description

Mathematics is the development of techniques, skills and logic. These skills will enable you to solve problems in other disciplines and to further develop your study of Mathematics. The study of mathematics is exciting and important: Mathematicians have an opportunity to make lasting contributions to society by helping to solve problems in such diverse fields as medicine, economics, computer science, management, physics, astronomy, psychology, engineering and social science. Furthermore the skills gained open a broad range of careers from working in any type of business, to accountancy planning, investment banking and software development.

Course content

A level mathematics is split into 2 areas, core and applied. The applied content for AS and A-level mathematics is drawn from statistics and mechanics.

The course follows the AQA Syllabus and is broken into 3 main areas core , mechanics and applied mathematics these topics are developed year 12 and a further in year 13 .

The core content is based upon furthering the skills developed in algebra, trigonometry and calculus at GCSE while bring in new topics such as sequence and series, differentiation and integration, exponentials and logarithms as well as vector calculations.

Mechanics builds on the skills developed in both mathematics and physics at GCSE studying areas such as mechanical modeling, Vectors, Kinematics, Moments, Forces and Newton’s law

The Statistics module is concerned with the collection, organisation, representation, analysis and interpretation of data and also the development of the probability covered at GCSE.

The course helps to develop your ability to:

. Reason logically, to generalise and to construct mathematical proofs.
· Use a range of mathematical skills and techniques and apply them to more difficult, unstructured problems.
· Use mathematics as an effective means of communication.
· Develop and apply mathematical models to represent situations in the real world and solve problems.
· Use available technology accurately and efficiently, being aware of its limitations.

Entry requirements

To succeed in Mathematics, you must be organised, have an enquiring mind and a real desire to solve puzzles. You must be willing to work hard and to seek help whenever it is necessary.


The course follows the AQA Syllabus. AS Maths consists of 2 papers both of which are 1 hour 30 mins and are equal weight. These exams are a mix of core and applied maths skills with 40% of the exam based on interpreting, problem solving and reasoning.

A2 is made up of 3 2 hour papers again of equal weight mainly split into the 3 main areas of mathematics covered core, mechanics and statistics 50%of the exam based on interpreting, problem solving and reasoning.

Future opportunities

Mathematical ability is very highly regarded by both universities and employers. An A level in mathematics is essential for many degree courses (such as physics, engineering and, of course, mathematics itself!), and is highly desirable in a wide range of subjects such as chemistry, natural sciences, architecture, computing, economics etc.

There is a national shortage of mathematicians, and employment prospects are good. To get some idea of careers open to those studying mathematics at A level and beyond.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College directly.

Last updated date: 09 March 2017
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