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Geography at The Burgate School and Sixth Fom centre

Course description

A level Geography is the perfect subject for students who wish to understand the world around them; to make sense of the complexities of the physical and human realms and therefore be able to be more fully aware of ones place in it.

It is a contemporary subject that uses case studies from both the UK, other developed economies and the developing world to illustrate the most important issues of today; issues such a population growth, climate change, sustainability and migration.

It links well with other subjects such as Economics, Government and Politics, Sociology and History due to the overlap of topics. Furthermore in Geography you will find many links with the sciences and find ample opportunities to put into practice your mathematical skills particularly when analysing the data that you collect on fieldwork.

The ability to write clearly and precisely are crucial as you will be expected to write extended answers in both the AS one year course and the two year linear A level courses therefore English is also a useful pairing.

Geography is a subject for independent thinkers who like to be able to reach substantiated conclusions through exploring objectively the evidence available. In this subject you will improve your enquiry and decision making skills, two skills that are both respected and admired in the world of work. You will have the opportunity to independently plan, conduct and write up a fieldwork project of your own choosing which will give you numerous transferable skills.

Most importantly you will better understand your place in this complex world and know how the decisions you make impact locally, nationally and internationally. You will understand how the choices you make do make a difference and this will make you an aware and responsible citizen who cares for and about your world.

Entry requirements

  • At least six A*- C grades at GCSE, including Grade B in English Language and Geography.
  • Students should also keep abreast of current affairs relating to Geography by reading relevant journals and articles.
  • Read a broadsheet newspaper regularly and create a folder of relevant articles.

Future opportunities

A Level Geography is a good foundation for higher education and careers in areas such as Journalism, Politics, Planning, Environmental Management, Aid organisations and the Travel industry.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Burgate School and Sixth Fom centre directly.

Last updated date: 17 March 2016

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