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Mathematics A Level at The Sandon School

Course description

Mathematics is a challenging but rewarding subject, building on the foundations students have in place from GCSE. For this reason, students ideally need to have achieved GCSE Mathematics grade A or A*. A Level Mathematics extends many of the topics previously studied at GCSE, and introduces students to new areas of mathematics, such as calculus and mechanics. Other subjects that work well alongside A Level Mathematics include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Computing, Geography and other Social Sciences.

Course content

Core Maths 1
- algebra and functions
- co-ordinate geometry
- sequences and series
- differentiation; integration

Core Maths 2
- algebraic functions and Remainder Theorem
- co-ordinate geometry of the circle
- Binomial expansion
- trigonometry
- applications of differentiation
- definite integration

Statistics 1
- representation and summary of data
- probability
- correlation and regression
- discrete random variables
- normal distribution

Core Maths 3
- rational expressions
- functions (inverse, composite, modulus)
- transformations of graphs
- trigonometry
- exponentials and logarithms
- further differentiation
- differentiation methods; numerical methods

Entry requirements

It is very difficult to succeed at A Level Mathematics without a strong grasp of higher level GCSE Mathematics, particularly algebra. Therefore, only students gaining A* or A at GCSE will be given automatic entry onto the course. Students gaining a grade B will be considered provided they have studied the full higher tier GCSE Mathematics course, have successfully completed the summer holiday bridging pack, and have had a conversation with either Miss Flawn or Mrs Forrester before beginning the course.

Future opportunities

Students with an A Level in Mathematics can progress to degrees such as Mathematics and Engineering; as well as the Sciences, Social Sciences (e.g., Economics) or Computing. Very good careers beckon A Level mathematicians - e.g., Actuaries, Accountants.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Sandon School directly.

Last updated date: 08 June 2015

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