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Music A Level at Malton School

Course description

The AS/A2 level course builds upon the three strands covered at GCSE:

– Listening (40%),

– Performing (30%)

– Composing (30%).

The course is flexible enough to suit a variety of musical tastes and it is possible to create your own path though composition and performance work.


At AS level this course enables students to develop an understanding of the organisation of sounds, the context of music and musical styles and genres. Students will create musical ideas with technical control and expressive understanding making creative use of musical devices, conventions and resources.

Unit 1 Influences on Music (Written Paper – 30% of AS marks)

Areas of study: The Western Classical Tradition / British Popular Music 1960 – present day)

Unit 2 Composing Creating Musical Ideas (Coursework – 30% of AS marks)

(Arrange a given folk song melody and text)

Unit 3 Performing Interpreting Musical Ideas (Performance – 40% of AS marks)

Subject Content: Technology based performances – sequencing / multi-track/close microphone recording.


At A2 level students will be enabled to acquire, explore and apply musical language and context. Students will create and develop musical ideas with greater technical control and expressive understanding.

Unit 4 Music in Context (Written Paper – 20% of total A level marks)

Areas of Study: The Western Classical Tradition / Four decades of Jazz and Blues 1910 – 1950)

Unit 5 Composing Creating Musical Ideas (Coursework – 15% of total A level marks)

(Arrange a piece of popular ‘classical’ music in a recognised pop, rock or jazz style)

Unit 6 A Musical Performance (Performance – 15% of total A level marks)

Subject Content: Technology based performances.

Entry requirements

It is highly desirable for you to have studied music at GCSE. If you have not studied Music before you should arrange to meet with the Head of Music to discuss this. As long as you are a competent musician, with a sound grasp of music theory and various musical forms and styles, the AS/A2 level course could also be suitable for you. A very important quality for all those wishing to embark on this course, however, is a genuine interest in ALL musical styles, forms and periods. It is expected that you will engage in listening to music on a regular basis and that you will be involved in a number of extra-curricular musical opportunities. Grade 5 or equivalent standard in your chosen instrument is recommended in terms of performance work.

Future opportunities

Approximately half of students who study music at AS/A2 continue their music studies at University. Other music students have used their talents for recreation rather than employment. Musical qualifications are highly regarded by prospective employers and further education establishments as evidence of commitment and ability.

Further information

The facilities of the School music centre will be available to you, including practice rooms, acoustic and electronic instruments, recording facilities and computer-based composing, sequencing and notation software.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Malton School directly.

Last updated date: 20 February 2017

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