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Government and Politics A Level at Hendon School

Course description

The A-Level Politics course comprises four units which are:

  • Unit 1: People and Politics
  • Unit 2: Governing the UK
  • Unit 3B: Introducing to Political Ideologies
  • Unit 4B: Other Ideological Traditions 

In Unit 1, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the nature of democracy and how people participate in the political process; the factors which influence political parties and their policies; the strengths and weaknesses of electoral systems; and the role of unelected organisations such as pressure groups with access to the corridors of power in the UK. Unit 2 develops students study the Constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and the judiciary with a view to understand and critically examine their effectiveness in society today. Units 3 and 4 are engaging modules that inspire passion in our students because they study range of ideologies: liberalism, conservatism, liberalism, anarchism, feminism, ecologism, nationalism and multiculturalism. These units develop students’ critical faculties, empowering them to analyse how ideas has shaped our lives.


AS Level

100% written examination

Units 1 and 2 are 50% worth each 


100% written examination

Units 1, 2, 3B and 4B are worth 25% each

Future opportunities

Government & Politics is a highly respected subject which admissions tutors at university, and employers from all works of life, value immensely because of the transferable skills it develops in people, including communication and organisation, analysis and evaluation, and leadership. One may choose a wide range of careers, including:

  • Government (councillor, MP, lobbyist)
  • Education (teacher, lecturer, researcher)
  • Business and Management
  • Law (solicitor, barrister, police, forensic scientist)
  • Journalism
  • Health and social care

Further information

Students will be required to be fully committed, which needs to be demonstrated through regular attendance, extensive reading, completion of homework, etc.  The ability to read, comprehend and critically examine political information is essential. Students will be expected to work independently, as well as in groups.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hendon School directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016
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