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Psychology - International Baccalaureate *Fees payable* at Brentwood School

Course description

Do you want to find out how to use pigeons as a weapon for naval warfare? Can you use psychology to find the perfect partner? Why are courts not able to use eye witness testimonies alone to convict a criminal? These are just some of the interesting questions addressed in the course.

The issues raised in Psychology, such as whether our personalities are formed primarily through ‘nature or nurture,’ are universal and international. The study of psychology has been developed and enhanced by the contributions of thinkers from across the world. This course aims to provide students with a greater understanding of themselves and others. The three compulsory levels of analysis give grounding in Biological, Cognitive and Socio-cultural Psychology. These three important areas of Psychology provide information on the different ways in which the human interprets and analyses his/her environment. They require the use of a wide range of methodologies and an awareness of their limitations. Higher level students study qualitative as well as the quantitative research methods studied by Standard Level students.

Once the compulsory section has been covered we will study the options, of which Higher Level students will choose two and Standard Level students one. These are as follows:

The Psychology of Human Relationships (for both Higher and Standard Level), which is concerned with the changes that occur in a person’s behaviour when other people are present. Humans are social animals, but while we depend on others for our well-being, conflict can also threaten our survival. The key goal of Psychology is to understand the complexities of human relationships.

The Psychology of Health Behaviour (for Higher Level only) is an area most people find very interesting. It is concerned with the relationship between behaviour and individual health. Health Psychology is concerned with how different factors, such as lifestyle and social context, may influence health and illness.

The course finishes with a section on Research Methods as used in Psychology and puts this into practice by asking the students to design and execute a research project. They should be able to use their knowledge from the previous areas to choose a background study on which to base their research. They should be able to carry out research independently. They can use both libraries and the web for relevant and reliable information. Throughout the course students will use a variety of media such as presentations and ICT to demonstrate their knowledge and its application.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brentwood School directly.

Last updated date: 04 November 2015

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