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History AS/A2 Level (EDEXCEL) at The North Halifax Grammar School

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History – Examining Board - Edexcel

What will you study in Year 12 at NHGS?

Paper 1: The crusades, 1095–1204. Reasons for the crusades, 1095–1192; Leadership of the crusades, 1095–1192; The crusader states of Outremer, 1100–92; The changing Muslim response to the crusades, 1095–1192; What explains the failure of the Fourth Crusade? Paper 2: Anglo-Saxon England and the Anglo-Norman Kingdom, 1053–1106. Late Anglo-Saxon England, 1053-66; The Norman conquest of England and extension of control in Wales and Scotland, 1066–93; State, church and society, 1066–1106; Normandy, 1066–1106 How successful will you be? Results have been exceptionally good. • 2015 A-C 80%, A-B 65%, A% 28% • 2014 A-C 85%, A-B 61%, A 24% • 2013 A-C 95%, A-B 85%, A 49%

How will you study? • You will participate in discussion and debate. • You will research using handouts especially written for NHGS pupils along with other textbooks. • You will discover things for yourself by using sources; from medieval paintings to modern history documentaries. • You will practice exam technique and receive personalised feedback from both teachers and peers. • You will become more independent in reading around the subject and thinking for yourself.

How will you be assessed? • You will take 2 exam papers in the summer of Y12, which contain a mixture of sources and extended writing in a similar format to your GCSE History papers. • There is no coursework in Y12. What will you study in Y13 at NHGS? • Paper 3 : Germany, 1871-1990: united, divided and reunited. • Themes - Social and economic change in Germany and West Germany. • Topics - Ruling the Second Reich, 1871–79. • The birth of democratic Germany, 1917–19. • A new Reich, 1933–35. • Establishing and ruling the new Federal Republic, 1949–60. • Reunification: recreating a united Germany, 1989–90.

Coursework Topic to be decided but you will be required to analyse, explain and evaluate the interpretations of three historians. How will you be assessed? • One summer exam paper on Germany, 1871-1990. • Coursework (exact format and deadlines to be decided) Results have been exceptionally good. • 2015 A*-C 94%, A*-B 58%, A*-A 28%, A* 8% • 2014 A*-C 97%, A*-B 85%, A*-A 44%, A* 18% • 2013 A*-C 91%, A*-B 55%, A*-A 30%

How will History help your future? • Potential universities and employers continue to regard History as a very valuable academic subject. • History teaches vital skills such as… communication, decision-making, providing evidence as justification, attention to detail, research, and also an understanding of how the world works. How will you study?  In many ways you continue to learn in a similar way to Y12.  HOWEVER you will become even more independent in reading around the subject and thinking for yourself.  You will use a variety of contemporary sources along with more focus on the variety of possible interpretations offered by modern historians. 

During your coursework you will have individual meetings with your teacher who will offer you personalised advice on where to head next.

To prepare for taking A-Level History at NHGS we advise that you... Have a relaxing summer after all the hard work and stresses of your GCSEs and hence come back refreshed, enthusiastic and ready to work hard. However having chosen to do the subject at A-Level you might like to build up your overall understanding and enjoyment of History by doing some of the following… (It is worth noting that some are directly relevant to you A-Level work and others are not, and also we clearly don’t expect you to do all these things!) Watching History documentaries; both those associated with the topics you will study but also any that will help you think actively and make judgements.




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To find out more about this qualification, contact us, ask your Connexions Personal Adviser or school/college careers staff.

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If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The North Halifax Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 22 September 2015
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  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years