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Chemistry A-Level *FEES PAYABLE* at St Mary's Senior School

Course description

Aims of the Course • To inspire our students about Chemistry - making our students eager to learn through innovative teaching. • To develop a student’s knowledge and understanding of the nature of matter in terms of the reactions of elements and compounds present in the natural and man-made world. • To develop an understanding of the relevance of chemical compounds in industrial processes and living organisms and consider some of the ethical repercussions of using up limited natural resources. • To give students a clear insight into organic reaction pathways and into some of the trends and patterns of inorganic Chemistry. Chemistry underpins our understanding of the Universe and has made the greatest contribution to humankind of any subject; chemists have invented the clothes that you are wearing as you read this; chemists have designed and made the food and medicines that keep you happy and healthy and chemists will be the ones who make the cure for cancer; defeat HIV/AIDS and solve the climate change problem. A chemist needs to have an inquiring mind; a drive to work hard; a love of the abstract and a sound grounding in maths. There is no other subject that is more like a grand treasure hunt; an organic Chemistry paper full of skeletal formula looks like a coded series of hexagons and a question on bonding, electrons and oxidation needs an answer that contains Arabic numbers, Roman numerals and Greek letters. Chemistry is a beautiful, expressive language that contains the distillation of human knowledge into symbols, and offers hope for an end to suffering through equations.

Entry requirements

It is expected that you will achieve an A Grade at GCSE in the subjects that you wish to continue to AS Level.

If you are joining us for Sixth Form from another school we require that you achieve at least six A Grades and above at GCSE Level.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Mary's Senior School directly.

Last updated date: 04 November 2015

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