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French AS A2 at Prince William School

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AIMS OF THE COURSEDoing AS level French in Year 12 will enable you to communicate confidently and clearly in French so that you can:·         travel throughout French speaking countries – on holiday or on business·         work abroad or communicate with French speakers as part of your job·         go on to do A level and then do a degree course in French or a degree course in         French with another subject. COURSE DESIGN AND CONTENTYou learn the language through topics, but instead of buying train tickets to Lyon or ordering a café-crème you should end up being able to talk about: ·     the role and influence of the media       and advertising·       tourism and its effects on communities      and the environment·         film, theatre and the arts·       healthy lifestyles·          the individual and society·       sport and leisure If you go on to do the A level in Year 13 you will learn to talk about: ·             women in society·           pollution and environmental issues·             social exclusion·           education·             equal opportunities·           crime·             immigration·           politics·             religious beliefs·           science and technology ·           ethical issues in science and medicine All topics are studied within the context of France or a French-speaking country.


For A2 in Year 13:For AS in Year 12:·        Speaking and Reading15%·      Speaking30%·        Listening, Reading and Writing20%·      Listening, Reading and Writing40%·        Culture and Society (Coursework)15%·      Reading/Writing30%    These percentages look a bit strange, but the AS marks count for 50% of the A level.

Future opportunities

CAREER POSSIBILITIESAs we become more and more integrated with Europe so the need increases for managers, engineers, lawyers, journalists, scientists and other professionals to have a good degree of competence in at least one European language. French is very widely spoken throughout the world as well as within Europe, yet if you’ve taken part in one of our exchanges, you would be forgiven for thinking that everyone speaks English. However an EU study last year showed that British companies were losing billions of Pounds due to poor language skills. In the UK, students with advanced language skills are in big demand in all areas of the workplace.

Further information

VISITS AND EXCHANGESObviously, we will want you to take part in the exchange with our partner school in Nantes, and some of you will already have taken part in this by the time you reach the Sixth Form, but we do other trips as well, such as theatre visits and themed days.

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If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Prince William School directly.

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