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Traineeship at BELLIS TRAINING

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National Traineeship

(16 – 19 years old only)

What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships prepare young people for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.                                                                                   Traineeships provide essential job skills and work preparation training, leading to work experience essentially needed to get an Apprenticeship or job.                    Work preparation training which ensures young people have the skills and confidence needed for an Apprenticeship or other job.                                        Maths and English support to improve candidates literacy and numeracy.  Meaningful work experience which provides insight and experience of the world of work.                                                                                                                             A vocational qualification to reflect your career.                                                         16 – 37 hours per week.

Why are Traineeships important?

Traineeships will ensure all young people have the work skills, maths, English and work experience needed to start their careers.                                                    Developed in response to business needs, Traineeships ensure employers have the talented workforce required for business success.                                                Work preparation training and work experience will put candidates in a better position to compete for an Apprenticeship or a full time permanent job.                     At the end of the work experience placement our main aim is to progress you on to an Apprenticeship.                                                                                      Traineeships will last anything from six weeks to a maximum of six months with the content tailored to your individual career needs, including:

Work preparation training which ensures you are ready and have confidence to take the first step in your career, such as an Apprenticeship.     

Employers are at the centre of Traineeships to ensure they give you the skills you need to secure a job and succeed in employment. The majority of your time will be based in a placement workplace. 

Maths and English support to help give you the literary and numeracy skills needed for the workplace.

Improving your English and maths skills will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as your long term career chances and your earning potential over your lifetime.

Meaningful work experience which provides insight and experience of the world of work

Experience is hugely important to employers with 74% saying work experience is critical or significant when recruiting.

Is a Traineeship right for me?

Traineeships are an ideal opportunity for young people who are motivated to get a job but who lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for.                  If you have been unsuccessfully applying for a job or Apprenticeships due to a lack of skills and experience then you might be a good candidate for a Traineeship. You could be suitable for a Traineeship if you:                                                                 Are unemployed (or work less than 16 hours per week) and have little work experience;                                                                                                                Are motivated to work;                                                                                            Think you will be ready for employment within six months of starting a Traineeship. New students start every week, so there is usually no waiting to start.                      All students can apply for funding and you may get up to £30 per week for assistance with travel and expenses.

The natural progression for the National Traineeship is to go onto an Apprenticeship.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact BELLIS TRAINING directly.

Last updated date: 05 June 2017
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