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Applied Science at Ilfracombe Academy

Course description

The Academy has expanded its Post-16 Science options to include this vocational qualification in Applied Sciences. The course combines components of Biology, Chemistry and Physics subsequently providing students with a single post-16 option that covers all three Sciences.

Applied Sciences is a Level 3 qualification and as such contains content that can be found within the Biology, Chemistry and Physics A levels. The course does however, have a significantly different delivery plan and assessment structure than the A levels in Science. Within lessons there is a clear focus on the applications of Science in industry and the development of subject specific skills that would facilitate a smooth transition from post-16 study to employment in a Scientific field.

Scientists will deliver lessons in Applied Sciences at The Ilfracombe Academy. This will ensure that students are given support and guidance in developing both their subject knowledge and practical skills. Students will be regularly assessed against the assessment criteria of the course and will be provided with timely feedback to facilitate their ongoing development as a Scientist.

Applied Sciences is recognized by UCAS as a ‘Science’ and as such can be used in support of an application for the following courses; Nursing, Midwifery, Education, Veterinary Nursing and Applied Engineering (to name a few). An Applied Science qualification is desirable in supporting an application to numerous other University courses.

The Academy is constantly developing links with local employers in the Science industry. As a result students participate in numerous off site visits during this two year qualification. It is anticipated that in the future many students of Applied Sciences will go on to employment within the local industry as well as further education.

Course content

Year 12: Certificate in Applied Science

  •  Unit 1: Fundamentals of Science (mandatory unit)
  •  Unit 3: Scientific Investigations (mandatory unit)
  •  Unit 4: Scientific Practical Techniques (mandatory units)

Year 13: Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science

  •  Unit 11: Physiology of the Human Body (optional unit)
  •  Unit 15: Microbiological techniques (optional unit)
  •  Unit 18: Genetic Engineering (optional unit)

Entry requirements

Students wishing to study Applied Sciences at the Ilfracombe Academy will need to meet the following entry requirements:

  •  Grade C in GCSE Triple Science


  •  Grade C in both GCSE Core Science and Additional Science


  •  Level 2 Pass in both the BTEC ‘principles of Science’ and ‘application of Science’
  •  Minimum of a grade C in GCSE Math’s.
  •  Students wishing to study Applied Science must have a good track record of meeting deadlines (as this is a fundamental for success within the qualification)


Applied Sciences has a continuous in-class assessment model. Student’s complete assessment tasks throughout both years; classroom teachers mark these tasks (there are no formal examinations). During their first year of study students complete 3 units to obtain a qualification known as the certificate in Applied Science (equivalent to an AS qualification).

During their second year of study students complete 3 units to obtain a qualification known as the Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science (equivalent to an A Level qualification).

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ilfracombe Academy directly.

Last updated date: 16 April 2015

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