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Pathways to Medicine at London Academy of Excellence

Course description

Medicine is a perfect fit for anyone who endeavors to understand and apply
research findings to aid the lives of their patients. It offers a range of experiences
and challenges thatmany individuals seek and provides a career that is extremely
rewarding. The study ofMedicine is vast and demanding, and subsequently only the
bestmake it onto amedical program. Here at LAE we look to support and guide our
medics, and former LAE sixth formers are now at some of the topMedical schools
in the country.

Course content

Throughout both years at LAEmuch support
and guidance will be provided to ensure
thatMedicine is the right course for you and
that you feel as prepared as possible for an
application to aMedical school. By joining
LAE’smedical society and attending talks,
lectures and workshops you will have the
chance to share your interest inMedicine
and explore both the academic pursuit of
Medicine and the subsequent career path.

In Year 12 our focus will be on ensuring
Medicine is the right path for you. Talks from
guest speakers, both current doctors and
previous LAEmedics, will give you an insight
into life as a doctor as well as that as an
undergraduate studyingmedicine. Sessions
within ourMedSoc will look to develop your
interest in the academic side ofMedicine
as well as aid you in the search of work
experience. Further to thisMedSoc in Year 12
will also look to develop the skills required to
maximise your success in the UKCAT and
BMAT examinations.

In Year 13 our focus will be on aiding your
application to studyMedicine at university.
Much support and guidance will be given
to ensure your personal statement is as strong
as possible and sessions developing your
interview skills will prepare you for themultiple
mini interviews undertaken bymany
medical schools.


Entry requirements

As well as leading to ameaningful career,
Medicine is an academic pursuit and life as
a doctor can be stressful and tiring. Take time
to research what being a doctor entails and
ensure that you achieve the highest grades
possible atGCSE, as the door to asMedical
school will be closed unless you achieve at
least AAA at AS level.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact London Academy of Excellence directly.

Last updated date: 09 July 2015

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