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Further Mathematics AS & A Level at King George V College

Course description

For the keenest students there is also the opportunity to study Further Maths A-level. On this programme you will take an entire A-level in Maths in one year and in the second year you will learn Further Pure Maths which includes the study of a whole new number system involving the square roots of negative numbers, a new system of co-ordinates for plotting graphs and how to describe transformations using matrices. You will also study more Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths enabling you to understand and solve a wider range of problems. Further Maths is an ideal foundation for studying Maths or Engineering at University.

Course content

First Year

In your first year you will study six modules and take A level Maths in one year. The course takes up two of your four subjectchoices. The modules taken are:

  • Pure - Core 1&2: You will use algebra to investigate and solve topics such as Cartesian Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus like finding the maximum volume of a cake box made from a piece of card.
  • A2 Pure –Core 3&4: You will extend the ideas from AS  Pure especially Calculus and being able to interconnect the topics
  • Statistics 1: You will apply your Pure skills to draw sensible conclusions from data collected in an uncertain world like finding the chance of starting a game with a double 6 or whether the results of a medical trial are significant
  • Mechanics 1: You will apply your Pure knowledge to understand the way in which things move by studying the forces that act upon them like finding the speed of a car before and after it crashed and the angle a free kick should be projected at to win the match.

Second Year

In the second year all students will study Further Pure 1 (Compulsory), then you can choose 5 other modules from Pure, Mechanics, Statistics or Decision depending on what you preferred in the first year or what you need for your course/career. Choose from:

  • Further Pure 2 - Complex numbers
  • Further Pure 3 - Differential Equations
  • Further Pure 4 - Matrices
  • Mechanics 2 - Work & Energy; CircularMotion
  • Mechanics 3 - Oblique collisons,Projectiles
  • Statistics 2 - Chi squared tests, Hypothesistesting
  • Decision 1 & 2 - Algorithms to find the shortest distance between two places, Networks, Critical Path Analysis

Entry requirements

Further Maths at KGV is ideally suited to students who have a deep rooted passion for Maths at High School and like the satisfaction of mastering new methods for solving problems. A good mathematician can apply techniques and knowledge they have already learned to new situations. The pace of learning can be challenging and students need to be dedicated and curious about learning new ideas.

Future opportunities

Joint A levels in Maths and Further Maths is a guarantee of a successful university career in Maths, Sciences or Finance as not only will you have a really good grounding in lots of mathematical topics to enhance your degree but you will possess the skill, determination and problem solving skills to enable you to do your very best.

Over half of our Further Mathematicians go on to a Maths degree and virtually all the rest do Maths related courses. Two of our students in the last couple of years have gone to read Maths at Oxford one of which was awarded a scholarship in recognition of his high academic ability. Some examples of the destinations of our A* students are  Mechanical Engineering at Durham University , Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, Physics at the University of Manchester  and Accounting and Finance at University of Manchester .

Further information

You will have the opportunity to take part in local and national maths competitions such as the UKMT Senior Challenge and the LMS Pop quiz. Trips to interesting, relevant talks such as the Maths Inspiration lectures, are also planned. Each week, every Maths class has an additional subject session where extra help on difficult topics is available to everyone.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King George V College directly.

Last updated date: 23 September 2016

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