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History A Level at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

Course description

“The study of history is the beginning of wisdom.” Jean Bodin

History is a fascinating subject which helps you make sense of the past. Investigating the recent past can help us understand the lives we live today. History gives you a better understanding of conflicts and politics in the news today.

What skills will I gain from studying A Level History?

You will develop the ability to analyse, evaluate, explore, discuss and enquire. You will learn valuable skills, such as how to write extended answers.

Course content

Unit 1
The study of Germany, 1871 to 1925 enables students to focus on the role of Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm, the run up and aftermath of WWI, the Weimar Republic and the contribution of Stresemann.

Unit 2
In Russian History, 1924-1941, students will investigate the impact of Stalin’s role on the USSR’s economy, culture and society through an exploration of industrialization, war against the peasantry, the Great Terror and propaganda.

Unit 3
A2 history progresses with the theme of relationships between the state and the people, through a breadth and depth study on the Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007.

Unit 4
Students are also expected to complete a 3,500 word historical enquiry.  The enquiry must show change over a 100 year period. The focus is on the Black Civil Rights movement in the USA from 1863 – 1965.

Entry requirements

5 A* to C GCSE grades

Grade B or above in GCSE History


A Level History students follow the AQA exam syllabus.

For AS

Unit 1: 1 hr 30 min written exam (50% of total AS marks)
Unit 2: 1 hr 30 min written exam (50% of total AS marks)

For A2

Unit 3: 1 hr 30 min written exam (30% of total A Level marks)
Unit 4: Historical enquiry (20% of total A Level marks)

Future opportunities

A Level History is also a highly valued qualification amongst universities.  The skills acquired in history lend themselves to a broad range of professions and routes for further study.  Students with a History A Level can use their skills in areas as diverse as politics, broadcasting, academia, working in museums and archives and teaching.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Portslade Aldridge Community Academy directly.

Last updated date: 23 February 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September