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Economics A Level at Riddlesdown Collegiate

Course description

We are living in very interesting times to study Economics. After the NICE years (1994 – 2007) came the Financial crisis of 2008, followed by the Great Depression. Most developed countries are still feeling its effects, with stagnation in parts of Europe and uncertainty about future growth elsewhere. When this is linked to political tensions, for example in the Middle East and Russia, it makes for a difficult climate for policy makers.

Course content

During the two year programme your study of economics will be divided in the two key areas of economic theory.

In terms of Microeconomic theory, you will learn about the economic problem, the allocation of resources, the concept of scarcity, production and efficiency and market failure. You will learn about the economic aspects of the labour market including equality, equity and the distribution of income and wealth. Finally you will develop an awareness of how the government intervenes in markets to correct market failure and the risk of government failure. You will develop an understanding of why some markets work and others fail. You will consider commodity, energy and labour markets In terms of Macroeconomic theory you will develop an understanding of how macroeconomic performance is measured, how the macro economy works including the circular flow of income and the aggregate demand and aggregate supply concepts. Your studies will also involve learning about monetary policy and how the financial markets operate. You will also learn about fiscal policy. Finally you will develop an awareness of the importance of the international economy and the impact of globalisation.

Entry requirements

Specific Requirements & Skills Required:

GCSE Mathematics (6) 

Analytical and evaluative skills 

High level of literacy 

Numeracy and logic 

An interest in economic issues in the news 

Research skills


Assessment exam papers at the end of Year 13:

Paper 1 Markets and Market Failure

Paper 2 National and International Economy

Paper 3 Economic Principles and Issues This is done through a combination of data response, essay and multiple choice questions.

Future opportunities

Economics, Business or Politics related degree courses as well as opportunities in finance, Public Administration, Business or Education.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Riddlesdown Collegiate directly.

Last updated date: 19 December 2017
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