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Course description

Course Content & Assessment Requirements

Unit 1: Conflict Topic list· human aggression; controversy in science and technology· tensions in society; politics and the public· the arts as a challenge; media bias· the market; business big and small· the individual and society; tolerance and intolerance
Assessment Written paper: 1 hour 30 minutes Weighting: 50% of the total AS 25% of the total A Level marks

Unit 2: Space Topic list· space exploration; climate change· migration of people; urban and rural· art and public space; global media· use of the land; buying and selling· multiculturalism; green valuesAssessment Written paper: 1 hours 30 minutes Weighting: 50% of total AS 25% of the total A Level marks

Unit 3: Power Topic list· the energy debate; medicine and health; the ethical responsibilities of scientists· distribution of power, equal opportunities; law enforcement· art as empowerment; arts and media commentators; media pressure and impact· processes, problems and responsibilities of a democracy· the impact of advertising; large corporations; free trade, fair trade· attitudes towards authority; rights and responsibilities; nationalism and internationalismAssessment Written paper: 2 hours Weighting: 25% of total A Level marks

Unit 4: Change Topic list· the nature of science; public understanding of science; the idea of progress in science and technology· social change; educating for change; political reform· changing aesthetic criteria; new media; visions of the past and future· heritage conservation; trends in consumerism; economic growth changing patterns of religious belief; the decline of ideology; transmission of norms and values.

Assessment Written paper: 2 hours Weighting: 25% of total A Level marksStudents will learn how to discuss and write about these topics using relevant language structures and extended vocabulary taught as part of the course
Candidates transform two literary works into different genres which will be chosen from a wider reading list. Candidates will produce a coursework folder that includes the transformed texts and associated commentary

Entry requirements

5 A-C grades at GCSE with B preferable in subject of study.5 A-C grades with B preferable in subject of study.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Knutsford Academy directly.

Last updated date: 27 May 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years