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Theatre Studies AS and A Level at Woodcote High School

Course description

Throughout history Theatre has played a large and important part in our lives. It has the power to convey theories, feelings and real life issues through engaging and moving live performances. The experience of going to the theatre transports the audience into another world and whilst the finished performance may seem effortless, there is in fact a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Theatre Studies gives students the opportunity to bring play-texts to life, in order to explore and understand every aspect of creating a performance, from the inspiration of the playwright to the symbolism of the set design.

Course Description

The course at AS Level focuses on working with plays from the viewpoint of a director, designer, performer, audience member and critic. Students will study a range of plays and undertake a performing or design role in a performance to an audience. Students will have the opportunity to visit the theatre and students will also develop their performing and analytical skills. Whatever your previous experience, being an AS Drama and Theatre Studies student will be thought-provoking, challenging and engaging.

The full A Level in Theatre Studies aims to extend and build on knowledge and skills learnt in the AS units. Students will participate in a devising unit, allowing them to be creative and apply what they have learnt to their own piece of theatre. Students will also study a further play in depth. They will deconstruct the play-text and practically explore a contrasting play from a different period in history and will participate in a theatre trip to develop their knowledge and understanding of theatre in context. Theatre Studies provides students with transferable skills that will prove to be valuable and rewarding in the future.

Course content

AS Level

- Unit 1 - Exploration of Drama and Theatre.
Students work practically on two plays chosen by the teacher and complete a set of notes covering both texts. Students must also see at least one live theatre performance and complete a written evaluation of it. The work is marked internally by the teacher.
(40% of your AS mark or 20% of you’re a Level Mark)

- Unit 2 - Theatre text in performance; there are two sections.
The first section requires the student to either deliver a monologue or duologue, or a design skill in support of performer(s). The second section requires students to contribute to a performance of a professionally published play, either as a performer or designer. The work is marked by an external examiner.
(60% of your AS mark, or 30% of your A Level Mark)


- Unit 3 - Exploration of Dramatic Performance. Students work practically to devise a unique and original piece of theatre from a stimulus.
(40% of your A2 mark, or 20% of your A Level mark)

- Unit 4 - Theatre Text in Context. Students will study two plays which were written and first performed before 1914. Students will examine one play from the point of view of a theatre director and analyse a live performance of a second play and consider the original performance conditions.
(60% of your A2 mark, or 30% of your A Level mark)

Future opportunities

This course can lead to further studies in Drama, Theatre Studies and the Performing Arts at degree or HND level. The course will equip you with a variety of skills all of which are highly valued by employers, such as leadership, adaptability, creativity, problem solving, research skills, excellent communication skills, confidence, public speaking and teamwork.

Many people who have studied Drama and Theatre Studies have later gone on to find an occupation in a wide range of different career choices such as: Performers, Writers, Journalists, Presenters, Teachers, Drama Therapists, Theatre Directors or Backstage Crew, Lawyers, Filmmakers and many more.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Woodcote High School directly.

Last updated date: 14 October 2016
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