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Sport and PE A Level at Gateacre School

Course description

The A Level builds on the student’s experience from Key Stage 4 and GCSE to enhance their knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in physical education. The course offers students the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles in sport such as performer, official and/or leader/coach at AS and then be able to specialise in one at A2. The content of the course will address current contemporary topics in sport such as the impact in the use of ergogenic aids, technology and increasing commercialisation of sport.

Course content

A/S Level

  • A 2hr theoretical exam worth 60% of the A/S or 30% of the total A Level.
  • Practical exam in two activities, testing your ability to observe, evaluate and improve performance. Worth 40% of the total AS marks, and 20% of the total A Level marks.

A2 Level

  • 2 hour theoretical exam worth 30% of the total A Level marks
  • Practical exam in an activity that tests your ability to observe, evaluate and improve performance. This is worth 20% of the total A Level marks


The course is run over 2 years with each year worth 50% of the total mark. This means that students have to work hard during the duration of the course to get a good grade in their A Level. AS + A2 = A Level

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Gateacre School directly.

Last updated date: 25 June 2015

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