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BTEC Subsidary Diploma in Sport at The Cottesloe School

Course description

Unit 1: Principles of Anatomy & Physiology (5 Credits)
Assignment 1 - Know the Structure and Function of the Skeleton
Assignment 2 - Know the Structure and Function of the Muscular System
Assignment 3 - Know the Structure and Function of the Cardiovascular System Assignment 4 - Know the Structure and Function of the Respiratory System Assignment 5 - Know the Different types of Energy System

Unit 2: The Physiology of Fitness (5 Credits)
Assignment 1 - The Body’s Responses to Acute Exercise
Assignment 2 - The Body’s Response to Chronic Exercise
Assignment 3 - The Effects of Exercise on the Body

Unit 3: Assessing Risk in Sport (10 Credits)
Assignment 1 - Legal & Legislative Factors
Assignment 2 - Sporting Risk Assessments
Assignment 3 - Research, Explain and Analyse Operating Procedures
Assignment 4 - Safe Session Planning and Reviewing

Unit 7: Fitness Testing for Sport & Exercise (10 Credits)
Assignment 1 - Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitness Tests
Assignment 2 - Health Screening Procedures
Assignment 3 - Job Interview Example Portfolio

Unit 12: Current issues in Sport (10 Credits)
Assignment 1 - Development and Organisation of Sport
Assignment 2 - Technology and Media
Assignment 3 - Contemporary Issues
Assignment 4 - Barriers to Participation and Cultural Issues
Assignment 5 - Strategies and Initiatives

Unit 13: Leadership in Sport (10 Credits)
Assignment 1 - Know the Qualities, Characteristics and Roles of Effective Sports Leaders
Assignment 2 - Know the Importance of Psychological Factors in Leading Sports Activities
Assignment 3 - Planning a Sports Activity
Assignment 4 - Risk Assessment
Assignment 5 - Be able to lead a sports activity

Unit 15: Instructing Physical Activity & Exercise (10 Credits)
Assignment 1 - Principles of Fitness & Training
Assignment 2 - Warm-ups and Cool-downs
Assignment 3 - Design a Six-week Exercise Programme
Assignment 4 - Review the Design of an Exercise Programme and Leading of an Exercise Session
Assignment 5 - Self Assessment



You will be assessed throughout the course against the criteria for each assignment based on the work in your portfolio. There are no exams for this course.

Further information

The course builds upon work started at GCSE & BTEC Level 2. It can be used as an opening to further study at College and University.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Cottesloe School directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015

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