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Spanish AS/A Level at Brockenhurst College

Course description

Spanish is a world language, spoken in 21 different countries. By studying Spanish you will not only increase your practical knowledge of foreign languages, but also your understanding of European and world culture.

You will also develop communication and analytical skills that will be invaluable in your studies and will give you the edge in your future careers.

Spanish is available to students who have already studied the language up to GCSE, as well as to those with no previous knowledge.

Course content

On the AS/A2 course you will develop your writing, speaking, reading and listening skills by studying a wide range of topics related to Spanish culture and society.

In your second year you will study a play, a region and an historical period.  There is also a significant emphasis on the study of Spanish grammar and the language of debate.  Students love the weekly debates on topical issues.

(Post GCSE)
This course will enable you to increase your knowledge of Spanish by reading about and discussing many aspects of contemporary society. 

You are taught in a variety of ways (group work, individual research, using IT, in the Language Lab etc) and you are always encouraged to develop your understanding of Europe and Spain, using up to date materials. 

The AS and A2 include research into your chosen oral topic.  Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all assessed across both years.  A visit to Spain is offered to all students.

(For beginners)
This course is designed for students wishing to study Spanish from scratch over 2 years.  You will take the GCSE after 8 months and then work towards AS/A2 in the 2nd year.  The course will be of benefit to those keen to learn a new language and those hoping to study languages at university.

Entry requirements


For those who have studied Spanish to GCSE level, you must have achieved at least a grade C in the Higher papers.

For those with no previous knowledge there is a beginner's course which is tailored to the needs of students wishing to learn a new language from scratch to AS/A2 level. 

This is a challenging course, but at the same time very rewarding and many of these students have chosen to continue with Spanish at University.

In the first year you will take GCSE Spanish and in the second year you will take AS and A2 Spanish (if you achieve a grade B or above in the GCSE). 

For beginner it is beneficial to have a GCSE grade A or B in another language, preferably French and the fast track course is ideal for students studying another A level Language.

Students must also have obtained at least a grade C or above in English Language.



AS/A2 beginners’ students form a separate group in the first year and take their GCSE at the end of the year.  They then take the AS and A2 modules at the end of their second year.

AS units are:
Unit 1 - Spoken expression in Spanish - 30%
Unit 2 - Listening, Reading and Writing - 70%

A2 units are:
Unit 3 - Oral exam - 35%

Unit 4 - Translation, essay and research assignment - 65%

Financial information

Students will have the chance to participate on a Spanish exchange visit during the spring term.  This is likely to cost approximately £320. 

Costs: Students will be asked to pay up to £30 for a grammar workbook and text book.

Future opportunities

Spanish is a popular subject at university (either as single honours or combined with another discipline).  It is very useful in careers such as tourism, business, law, marketing and hospitality.  Given its dominance in South America, Central America, and even parts of the US, Spanish is a key language for anyone wishing to travel the world or work abroad.

Recent Brockenhurst students have gone on to study Spanish at universities including Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Sheffield, Leeds, London and Oxford.  Some combined these with English, Geography, Chemistry and Business.  Others started the study of a new language:  Chinese, Italian and Portugese.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brockenhurst College directly.

Last updated date: 18 February 2016

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