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History AS Level & A Level at Mayflower High School

Course description

What will I study at AS Level?

Paper 1C Britain 1625 -1701 Conflict Revolution and settlement

A study of the changes that occurred in both politics and religion from the start of Charles I’s reign through the Civil War period, the Commonwealth and Protectorate of Cromwell to the Restoration of Charles II and the passage to the Glorious Revolution. To specifically consider how revolutionary the Glorious Revolution was?

Paper 2C Russia in Revolution, 1894 - 1924

A study of the transition of Russia from the Tsarist rule of Nicholas II looking at the nature of government including the 1905 Revolution and its impact. The changes and the impact of World War I and the end of Romanov rule in the February Revolution. The Provisional Government and its struggles. Finally the October Revolution and the defence of the Bolshevik revolution until 1924.

What will I study at A Level?

Paper 3 (31) Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors 1485 – 1603

A study of the way in which the Tudors established their dynasty. The first element will explore the extension of control through government changes and the development of the crown church and Parliament and the extension of control through co-operation with the localities. This will then reflect on the challenges to Tudor monarchs in securing the succession, in the Reformation, in responding to agrarian distress, in religious revolt, and finally in Ireland.

Paper 4 Coursework

This is the opportunity for students to carry out an independently researched enquiry based on an aspect of Stalin’s USSR. The focus is the analysis and evaluation of the views of different historians and their interpretations of specific issues and controversies. The following are possible suggestions: the reasons for Stalin’s rise to power, an assessment of his economic policies or the part he played in Purges of the 1930’s which led to the destruction of Lenin’s supporters. There is a 4000 word limit and students will be required to study the writings of various historians, as well as other texts for further support.


Entry requirements

CAPS 40 plus Grade C in GCSE English Language.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Mayflower High School directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016

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