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Pyschology A Level at Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre

Course description

Psychology is a fascinating science that: observes the behaviour of people; attempts to explain that behaviour; and finally, uses that knowledge to improve the quality of people’s lives.

You experience the effects of Psychology every day from the way you are taught in schools, to the types of advertisements you watch on TV.  

Whatever you decide to do in the future, you are likely to be given psychological training at some point in your career.  Businesses use it to sell products, coaches use it to motivate, health professionals use it to understand disorders and treat clients, the Media uses it to create ‘people friendly’ web sites, TV shows and to market artists. 

So the real question is… why wouldn’t you study it?!

Course content

AS Level

Introductory Topics in Psychology

  • Social Influence
  • Memory
  • Attachment. 

Psychology in Context

  • Approaches in Psychology
  • Psychopathology 
  • Research Methods


A Level

  • Biopsychology
  • Issues and Debates in Psychology
  • Relationships
  • Schizophrenia
  • Forensic Psychology

Entry requirements

Psychology is similar to English as it contains a lot of reading and students must be able to write structured essays.

 Psychology is a Science A-Level and students must be able to conduct a study on humans.  This includes writing hypotheses and analysing their data mathematically.  This means you need to be able to write well and have a good understanding of maths and science.  

Therefore the course requirements are a grade B in GCSE English, Science and Maths.


Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology

In the first half of the year you will study Social Influence, Memory and Attachment.

Paper 2: Psychology in Context

In the second half of the year you will study Approaches in Psychology, Psychopathology and Research Methods

For each of these papers you will be assessed via a 90 minute exam at the end of the year. Each exam will contribute towards 50% of you total AS marks. There is no coursework at AS Level. 


A Level Psychology

If you decide to complete the two year course, all of your exams will come at the end of the 2 year period. You will have covered each of the topics from AS. In addition you will learn about:

1.     Biopsychology

2.     Issues and Debates in Psychology

3.     Relationships

4.     Schizophrenia

5.     Forensic Psychology

The format for assessment at A Level will be three lots of two hour papers. There is no coursework at A Level.

An important aspect of any science is research.  Psychology is an evidence based subject. This means you will be taught how to conduct research on humans as well as learning how to critically analyse the research of others. This aspect of the course is crucial and runs throughout the 2 years. 

Future opportunities

Psychology is a highly respected A Level by universities.

The breadth of skills it requires means it is recommended for those entering both Medicine and Law.  It is very useful for any student who wishes to work directly with people e.g. in business, education, social services or in the police. 

Students seeking careers in early years’ childcare or teaching find the course beneficial, as well as those planning careers such as sports physiotherapy. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre directly.

Last updated date: 01 June 2016

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