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History A level at Tupton Hall School

Course description

What will I study?

In Y12

Unit 1 – Students will study two options within this unit.

  1. Pursuing Life and Liberty: Equality in the USA, 1945-1953

This looks at the struggle by Black Americans, Native Americans and Hispanic peoples for civil rights in the USA. Key individuals include Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

  1. Stalin’s Russia, 1924-1953

This looks at how Stalin was able to become leader of the USSR when there were much better qualified rivals. Students also study life in the USSR in both rural and urban areas during these dates, the purges and the Second World War.

Unit 2 – Students will study Britain 1830-1884 Representation and Reform

This looks at the development of democracy within the UK and the creation of some of today’s major political parties.

In Y13

Unit 3 – Students will study The United States 1917-1954: Boom, Bust and Recovery

This looks at the economy of the USA, including the Wall Street Crash, the Great Depression and the New Deal. Students also study the power and influence of the KKK, the impact of Prohibition, the impact of immigration on the USA and McCarthyism.

Unit 4 (Coursework) – Students will study The Making of Modern Germany 1845-1945

  • This will involve completing two questions and will be no more than four thousand words in length.
  • Students will study key turning points in German history during this 100 year period ranging from the creation of the German nation to the rise and fall of the Nazi Party.

Entry requirements

If you have studied GCSE History a ‘C’ grade or above is required. However, you can take AS and A2 History without having studied History at GCSE at all. To do so you must have achieved at least a ‘C’ grade in both English qualifications. You will also need to have an enquiring mind, an interest in the past, strong communication skills or a desire to develop these and like using evidence to challenge conventional thought.

Future opportunities

History remains an extremely well respected A Level and is one of the Russell Group’s facilitating subjects. This means it is a subject recommended for students to take if they aspire to attending one of the top twenty universities in the country which these include the universities of Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds, as well as Oxford and Cambridge. It is equally well respected by universities that are not part of this group, as well as employers, due to the skills it allows you to develop.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Tupton Hall School directly.

Last updated date: 09 September 2016

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