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ICT Level 2 at The Bulmershe School

Course description

The course prepare students to be able to select and use relevant knowledge, ideas, skills and procedures to complete well-defined tasks and address straightforward problems. The ECDL ICT level 2 provides anup-to-date, nationally recognised IT user qualification tailored to business and individual needs. It’s designed for people using technology:

•at work

•in education

•when looking for work

•in their leisure time

Course content

The course provides students with the tools to develop competent IT skills in the following areas:Knowledge and understanding

•Use understanding of facts, procedures and ideas to complete well-defined tasks and address straightforward problems. Interpret relevant information and ideas. Be aware of the types of information that are relevant to the area of study or workApplication and action

•Complete well-defined, generally routine tasks and address straightforward problems . Select and use relevant skills and procedures . Identify, gather and use relevant information to inform actions . Identify how effective actions have beenAutonomy and accountability

•Take responsibility for completing tasks and procedures . Exercise autonomy and judgement subject to overall direction or guidance.

Entry requirements

Students intending to study for the ECDLin ICT Level 2 need to have achieved a D grade in both Maths and English GCSE.


Each unit is assessed via external online automated tests approved by the BCS and offers instant results to the student. The pass mark across all BCS Level 2 ECDL units is 75%. Additionally, the mandatory Improving Productivity Using IT unit (IPU), this is explained in greater detail below. The IPU unit is broken down into 2 sections:



Students would be expected to use skills gained in previous ITQ units to complete "scenarios" which prove their understanding of using IT to improve productivity. To successfully pass the IPU unit, and therefore the full qualification, students are required to achieve at least 75% of the knowledge section in order to pass this assessment. In addition to this, students are also required to achieve at least 75% of the tasks within the performance section.

Future opportunities

Students can progress by working towards a larger qualification at the same level,or by working towards a higher level qualification. However, currently the department can only offer the ECDL level 2 qualification.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Bulmershe School directly.

Last updated date: 01 September 2016

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