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French A Level at Archbishop Blanch C of E High School

Course description

The course follows on from and extends GCSE topics. For example the AS Level topics include Leisure and Lifestyles and the Individual and Society with reference to France and French speaking countries as well as in a wider, global context as appropriate. At A level Environmental, Social and Political Issues are studied. In a guided studies option the World of Cinema, or Literature or the Regions of France are covered. Every opportunity is taken to hear and use the everyday language in a variety of ways. (e.g. the use of listening centres, departmental computers, television, radio, self-study, cd’s at home and a variety of magazines, novels, films and plays. We attend a Sixth Form day at a local University during the course when possible and this provides useful advice on examination technique. Students are also expected to undertake a significant amount of research and self-study.

Course content

Language skills and qualifications are now more in demand in industry, commerce and tourism in the UK and abroad than ever before, so there are purely financial reasons for studying French. Languages should be fun to learn and to use. You will have the opportunity to talk regularly in school with native speakers, to travel to France on a visit/ exchange or work experience. Languages are for LIFE (not just for school).

Entry requirements

Grade A*/A/B at GCSE candidates are considered. All wishing to study an A level language must be prepared to work very hard and be punctual to lessons and in the handing in of homework. Students are expected to take the initiative to read, listen, watch and study independently, beyond what is set in class.


All members of the MFL Department teach the course, shared with Bellerive, and the support of the French Language Assistant when possible. A mixture of language skills are practised each lesson. Home listening cd’s and a subscription newspaper enable extension study. The wide reading of magazines, readers, literature and watching of French films are also encouraged. Students have benefitted in the past from an exchange or study visit, or work experience in a French speaking country.

A Level ( 3 Units)

  1. Oral 30%
  2. Listening, Reading and Translation 50%
  3. Essay writing on Cultural Studies 20%

Future opportunities

  1. University Degree Courses/Higher Education A wide range of courses, modern or traditional are now available. Many tie into other subjects.
  2. Also there are an increasing number of opportunities (and funding) for studying and working in the European Union.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Archbishop Blanch C of E High School directly.

Last updated date: 01 September 2016

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