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Psychology AS/A Level at Hazelwick School

Course description

Psychology sits on the fence between a science and a social science; we study human behaviour scientifically but write essays to explain research findings and explanations.  Psychologists develop explanations or theories to help them predict people's behaviour in different situations.  These theories or explanations are tested by psychologists using experiments, correlations and other data collection techniques, to which we apply statistical tests to see if we can accept the results as knowledge or not.  This knowledge is then used to understand more about the human mind and behaviour as well as in applications to diagnose and treat people with psychological problems.

The study of Psychology deveops a wide variety of valuable skills such as scientific enquiry and essay-writing; these complement a wide range of other subjects.  There are also opportunities for your own observation and experiments within the field of Psychology.

You will develop a better understanding of the reasons why people behave, think and feel in different ways.  You will begin to appreciate some of the difficulties with being able to identify and treat abnormal behaviour covering a range of mental health problems such as depression.


Course content

There are 5 main approaches to the study of Psychology and you will get a flavour of each one during the A level course:





Individual Differences


Entry requirements

Grade 6 English Language or English Literature plus 6 in Biology or 6-6 in Combined Science and Grade 5 in Mathematics.


Three exams:

Research Methods in Psychology

Core Studies - 20 core pieces of research from different Psychological approaches

Applied Psychology - Mental Health, Child Psychology, Criiminal Psychology

Future opportunities

Psychology is most useful in careers that deal with people (GP, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Nurse, Lawyer, Manager, Teacher etc). 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hazelwick School directly.

Last updated date: 28 November 2017
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