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Chemistry AS and A2 at Broughton Hall High School

Course description

Students will follow the AQA specification which will encourage candidates to:
- develop essential knowledge and understanding of the concepts of Chemistry and the skills needed for the use of these in new and changing situations;
- develop an understanding of the link between theory and experiment and how science works.

Course content

AS Chemistry Topic Areas studied:

Physical chemistry - including atomic structure, amount of substance, bonding, energetics, kinetics, chemical equilibria and Le Chatelier’s principle

. • Inorganic chemistry - including Periodicity, Group 2 the alkaline earth metals and Group 7 the Halogens.

Organic chemistry - including introduction to organic chemistry, alkanes, haloalkanes, alkenes, alcohols, organic analysis.

A Level Chemistry Topic Areas studied:

Physical chemistry - including thermodynamics, rate equations, equilibria and electrochemical cells.

Inorganic chemistry - including properties of Period 3 elements and their oxides, transition metals.

Organic chemistry - including optical isomerism, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids, aromatic chemistry, amines, polymers, amino acids, proteins and DNA, organic synthesis, NMR spectroscopy, chromatography

Entry requirements

The course is open to all students who have achieved at least two grade Bs in science at KS4. This would include Core Science GCSE, Additional Science GCSE or Further Additional Science GCSE. A grade B in GCSE Mathematics is also essential for the study of A-level Chemistry.


Year 12 AS assessment at a glance: Two 90 minute written papers aredone at the end of  year 12. There will be six required practicals to be carried out in lesson time during the AS course. Some of the questions in the written papers will be based on these required practicals.

Year 13 A Level assessment at a glance: All three written papers of 120 minutes each are done at the end of year 13. Subject content taught in year 12 is also re-assessed at the end of year 13. There are twelve required practicals to carry out in lesson time over the duration of the two year A-level course.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Broughton Hall High School directly.

Last updated date: 05 September 2016

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