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History AS Level at Notre Dame Catholic College

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AS Course – Summary of course and content Exam board – Edexcel Unit 1 – Topics to be studied and content: D3: Russia in Revolution 1881 From Autocracy to Dictatorship
The challenges to the Tsarist state, 1881-1906: nature of the regime; economic and social changes; opposition parties; the 1905 revolution.
Tsarism’s last chance, 1906-17: the Dumas; Stolypin; the impact of war; the downfall of the Romanovs.
February to October 1917: the Provisional Government and the Bolshevik Coup.
Holding onto and consolidating power, 1918-1924: Civil War; changing economic policies; creating the Soviet state. D4: Stalin´s Russia 1924-53
The struggle for power, the making of the new vozd 1924-29; personalities and policies.
Transforming the Soviet Union: the Collectivisation of agriculture and its social and economic impact; the three five-year plans; changing social policies.
Persecution and control: the origins and course of the purges; culture and the arts in the service of a totalitarian regime.
The making of a superpower; the Great Patriotic War; devastation; war production victory. Unit 2 – Topics to be studied and content: C2:  Britain, c1860-1930: The changing position of women and the suffrage question
The changing personal status of women; marriage, divorce, children and property; challenges to the “angel in the house” concept.
Women’s changing role within the political system: participation in local government; origins and impact of the suffragist and suffragette campaigns; the impact of the First World War on the suffrage question.
Attitudes of politicians, parliament and the public to the suffrage question; the Liberal government 1906-14; the Parliament Act (1918), the Equal Franchise Act (1928) and their immediate impact.
Changing educational opportunities for women and girls and the impact of these for workplace opportunities; the opening of the universities and professions to women.


Unit 1 Exam length: 1 hour 20 minutes
You will be required to answer two questions worth 30 marks each from two topics. Each topic will have a choice of two essays. Unit 2 Exam length: 1 hour 20 minutes
You will be required to study one topic; answering two source based questions, (a) and (b). Candidates will be provided with seven to nine unseen sources. Question (a) is worth 20 marks and will focus on reaching a judgement by analysis, cross referencing and evaluation of source material. Question (b) is worth 40 marks and will ask you to address a historical view or claim using two sources with your own knowledge.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Notre Dame Catholic College directly.

Last updated date: 10 July 2015

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