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Spanish A Level at Excelsior Academy

Course description

AS and A level Spanish should encourage candidates to:
- develop an interest in, and enthusiasm for language learning
- develop understanding of the language in a variety of contexts and genres
- communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in Spanish for a range
- purposes
- develop awareness and understanding of the contemporary society,
- Cultural background and heritage of Spain and Hispanic countries
- derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning
- acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and/or employment
- communicate with speakers of the language
- take their place in a multilingual global society

Course content

Unit 1 –SPAN1
Unit 2 –SPA2T/V
Unit 3 – SPAN3
Unit 4 –SPA4T/V

AS + A2 = A Level

Entry requirements

GCSE Spanish at B grade


AS – Listening, Reading and Writing EXAM (70% of AS, 35% of A Level) Speaking Test - EXAM (30% of AS, 15% of A Level)

A2 – Listening, Reading and Writing EXAM (35% of A Level)
Unit 4 – Speaking Test - EXAM (15% of A Level)

Future opportunities

As well as following studying Spanish into university there are many university courses that offer languages as a subsidiary option – valuing the importance of languages in the world of work. An A level in Spanish could help students in almost any career and open up opportunities at home and abroad. It will also give them a wider knowledge of their world, so they can take their place in global society. Studying A level Spanish will also provide many transferable skills:

Communication, ICT, problem-solving and working with others which will help in preparation for the world of work. Even without wanting to continue with languages past A level, university admissions tutors will often look favorably on applicants with language skills – and some top universities, such as University College London, will actually demand a language GCSE

Spanish is not just for teachers and translators -language skills will prove useful for anything and everything, from fashion to sport, music and technology. Employers say they want applicants with conversational ability in a second language; which means just having a little bit of language could help secure a job. Languages does not necessarily mean working abroad, but many UK businesses need linguists and some knowledge of a second language will help in careers from technology to customer service, and can even be helpful when looking for summer jobs.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Excelsior Academy directly.

Last updated date: 01 July 2015

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