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Biology A level at Oldfield School

Course description

The AS/ First year A level course is comprised of three units:

Unit 1 Development of practical skills in biology:  The development of practical skills is a fundamental and integral aspect of the study of any scientific subject. These skills not only enhance learners’ understanding of the subject but also serve as a suitable preparation for the demands of studying biology at a higher level.

Unit 2 Foundations in Biology: This module gives learners the opportunity to use microscopy to study the cell structure of a variety of organisms. Biologically important molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, water and nucleic acids are studied with respect to their structure and function.

Unit 3 Exchange and Transport: In this module, learners study the structure and function of gas exchange and transport systems in a range of animals and in terrestrial plants.

The A2 Biology course is comprised of 3 units:

Unit 4 Biodiversity, evolution and disease: In this module the learners study the biodiversity of organisms; how they are classified and the ways in which biodiversity can be measured. It serves as an introduction to ecology, emphasising practical techniques and an appreciation of the need to maintain biodiversity.

Unit 5 Communication, homeostasis and energy: In this module, the biochemical pathways of photosynthesis and respiration are considered, with an emphasis on the formation and use of ATP as the source of energy for biochemical processes and synthesis of biological molecules.

Unit 6 Genetics, evolution and ecosystems: This module covers the role of genes in regulating and controlling cell function and development. Heredity and the mechanisms of evolution and speciation are also covered.

Entry requirements

Examination Board - OCR

At least a B in Core and Additional Science GCSE or a B in GCSE Biology.


Future opportunities

Biology provides an excellent base to proceed into a range of related Higher Education Courses. These include Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Sports Science, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry, Ecology and Psychology.

Further information

Am I suited to this course?

You would be well-suited to studying Biology at A level if you:

  • have enjoyed Biology at GCSE and are interested in furthering your knowledge of living things
  • can think logically and scientifically in order to understand new concepts
  • are well organised and self-motivated
  • are interested in learning how technology, including information technology is furthering this science
  • show an attention to detail in your work.

What other subjects does it complement?

Biology fits well in combination with a variety of other subjects such as Sciences, Geography and PE. For students wishing to apply for a degree in Biological Science, it is advisable to be also studying Chemistry.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Oldfield School directly.

Last updated date: 09 September 2016
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