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A Level Geography at Rutlish School

Course description

The world we live in is changing. Geography allows you to see why and how it is changing, with a particular focus on environmental awareness, globalization & natural hazards. Whilst studying this fascinating subject, you will develop your ICT, presentation and research skills through group work, decision making, map-reading, independent enquiry and analyzing /processing data.

Course content

In year 12 you will study global themes, including globalisation and climate change. You will discover how your own actions can relate to the wider world, be it your local area or a country far away. You will study two units, Unit 1 and Unit 2:

Unit 1: Global Challenges ― In this unit you will study a range of topics such as Global Hazards, Climate Change and Future Global Challenges.

Unit 2: Geographical Investigations ― This gives you an opportunity to undertake geographical research, including fieldwork. You will investigate two topics in depth, one of Extreme Weather or Crowded Coasts (physical geography), and one of Unequal Spaces or Rebranding Places (human geography).

In year 13 you will learn how the world is contested and develop practical research skills in your chosen area. You will study two units, Unit 3 and Unit 4:

Unit 3 Contested Planet ― In this unit you will consider five key world issues and in the sixth topic discuss possible technological solutions to the problems:

- Energy Security - Superpower Geographies - Water Conflicts - Bridging the Development Gap - Biodiversity Under Threat - The Technological Fix?

Unit 4 Geographical Research ― This will allow you to develop further the investigative skills gained in year 12 and prepare you for the demands of higher education or employment. You will choose one topic from these six options:

- Tectonic Activity and Hazards - Pollution and Human Health at Risk - Cold Environments - Consuming the Rural Landscape - Life on the Margins — the food supply problem - The World of Cultural Diversity


Unit 1: Global Challenges - 1.5 hour written examination – 30% of A Level

Unit 2: Geographical Investigations - 1 hour written examination in which you will be asked about your fieldwork skills in this examination – 20% of A Level

These AS unit will be examined at the end of year 12.

Unit 3: Contested Planet - 2.5 hour written examination, including pre-released synoptic resources (4 weeks in advance) and a colour Resource Booklet in the exam. Part 1 of the examination will cover five of the six Unit 3 topics; Part 2 will cover the sixth topic in a synoptic context (i.e. pulling together aspects of the other five topics) – 30% of A Level

Unit 4: Geographical Research - 1.5 hour examination, including a pre-released ‘research focus’ (4 weeks in advance). You will be asked to answer one question on the option of your choice – 20% of A Level

Future opportunities

An A Level in Geography opens doors! You will find that studying geography is a brilliant step towards a wider range of HE courses and/or employment opportunities. Further education — geographers can go on to study higher level courses, including Foundation degrees, undergraduate degrees and/or BTEC Higher Nationals. Employment — geographers can go into a wide range of jobs, including

Environmental Management
Retail / Sales
Social / health services

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Rutlish School directly.

Last updated date: 07 May 2015
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