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Sociology AS & A Level at St Anne's Catholic School

Course description

Sociology is the study of patterns in society. It looks at subjects like crime, education, family and religion and asks who in society wins and loses in these areas.

Course content

Sociologists ask questions about whether society works and whether certain groups are included or excluded.

The kind of questions Sociologists ask include:

  • Is the traditional family dying out? Is this a bad thing?
  • Why do subcultures form?
  • Is our society still biased against women?
  • Can we blame the mass media for terrorism?
  • Are the youth of today any more rebellious than in the past?
  • Do schools provide an education that benefi ts everyone?
  • Does prison rehabilitate offenders?
  • Is there still a clear working class and middle class divide in the UK
  • Why do girls attain higher grades than boys at school?

The subject encourages you to study analytically what is perceived as normal and deconstruct this to fi nd the causes of these patterns, often by looking at ethnicity, gender, age and class. You will learn to look at these causes via a range of theories from across the ideological spectrum including Feminism, Marxism and Conservatism. A signifi cant aspects of the A level is methodological research. Using a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques you learn how to collect and analyse data effectively and fairly.

Entry requirements

Grade B and above at English GCSE required.


A good sociologist is open minded and empathic enough to appreciate viewpoints which they may not share. An interest in current affairs, both domestic and global is important. Assessment is through the writing of timed essays which relies on students having the effective grasp of the English Language and involving many of the same skills as used in Religious Studies, Philosophy, History and Psychology.

Future opportunities

Sociology can be studied as a respected degree within itself, or as complimentary to other humanities subjects. The power of argument and debate is useful in a range of occupations.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Anne's Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 23 September 2016

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