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History A Level at Wheatley Park School

Course description

If you’ve ever wondered what the most fascinating century in English and even world history was, this course is for you. We study the 16th century (1500-1600), a time of wars, conquest, witches, torture and social change that laid the groundwork for the scientific breakthroughs of the modern world.

As coursework, you get to investigate one of the most intriguing events of the 20th century, the Russian Revolution - when workers rose up against the Tsar (Emperor) and took control of the country!

Course content

Unit 1: How did authority, nation and religion change in England during the period 1509-1603? (30% of A-Level)

  • The personal and political qualities of the Tudor Monarchs
  • The religious rollercoaster of the Tudor period
  • How people stood up to increased control by the government
  • Changes in the economy, English society and overseas exploration
  • The problems faced by Queen Elizabeth I

Unit 2: What were the events of the German Reformation between 1517 and 1555? (20% of A-Level)

  • People’s dissatisfaction with the Catholic Church in the early 16th century
  • Martin Luther’s challenge to the Catholic Church


Unit 3: How and why did the witchcraze develop and then decline between 1580 and 1750?  (30% of A-Level)

  • The North Berwick witches in Scotland and the aftermath
  • The Lancashire witches
  • The Great Witch Hunt in Bamberg, Germany
  • Matthew Hopkins and the East Anglian witch craze
  • Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch hunt in North America
  • Changing attitudes to witchcraft in Britain
  • The wider intellectual context: the coming of the age of science and reason

Unit 4: Causes of the Russian Revolution

Coursework (20% of total qualification)

  • Historical Enquiry using contemporary evidence and historiography (the work of historians)

Entry requirements

The basic entry requirement for Level 3 courses in Wheatley Park Sixth Form is to complete 8 GCSEs or equivalent, including a minimum of grade 4 in five subjects which must include English and Mathematics.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wheatley Park School directly.

Last updated date: 14 November 2017

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