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History AS/A Level at Okehampton College

Course description

This is an imaginative and innovative course that examines aspects of Early Modern and Modern History. It is a two year A Level course but students will take two AS exams at the end of Year 12. It will provide an excellent grounding for further study at university or in employment.

Course content

Areas to be covered in Year 12 and 13

Unit 1:

This is a period study with an enquiry component based on Tudor England from Henry VII through to Mary I. It will focus on changes in government and Tudor foreign policy. Students will also study religious changes and opposition during this time.

Unit 2:

This is a period study based on the USA during the 19th Century and how the American West was created. It will focus on westward expansion; causes and impacts, Native Americans, the growth of sectional tension between 1850 and 1861 and the American Civil War.

Unit 3:

This unit will focus on how warfare changed from the end of the 18th century through to the middle of the 20th Century. Students will focus on key areas such as generalship and developments in weapons. There will also be depth studies of 3 conflicts. Students develop skills in identifying change and supported argument.

Unit 4

This unit makes up the coursework element of the A Level qualification. Students will be required to complete a piece of writing based on a topic of their choice, which may arise from content studied elsewhere on the course.

Entry requirements

A minimum of 5 A*s - C GCSEs grade B in History or English is recommended although in some circumstances we will accept students with grade C

Future opportunities

University Option – History is relevant to a huge number of University degrees including; History, English, Law, Journalism, Politics, Business (see Mr Sherlock/Mr Sweeney for more information about this).

Employment Option - Employers highly value History A Level as it teaches you to evaluate, analyse, synthesise ideas and to communicate them effectively.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Okehampton College directly.

Last updated date: 16 August 2016

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