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Media Studies AS and A Level at Park House School

Course description

Media Studies allows students to explore the worlds of film, television, journalism and advertising in both theoretical and practical ways. Starting with the four key concepts (Form, Audience, Institutions and Representation), students will learn the processes and ideas which drive the media before moving on to practical work including photography, film making, audio recording, print publications and much more. At AS students will be taught using industry standard software and techniques students will learn production skills expected of professionals to createtheir coursework portfolios. At A2 students will have the opportunity to develop media skills of their choice; from podcasts to documentaries, music videos to websites. The course allows students to decide on their own coursework title, so what you study is negotiable based on your own interests.

Course content

AS Course Summary

Unit 1 Investigating the Media – Exam (2 hours)
50% of AS / 25% of A Level
Students will investigate the process of developing meaning within the media, and how different areas of our lives (music, politics, news etc) are presented across a range of Media. This will include print, Broadcast and e-media.
Unit 2 Creating Media – Controlled Assessment
50% of AS / 25% of A Level
Embedded within the learning of Unit 1, students are given a brief which they must use to produce a portfolio of work which will constitute the controlled assessment (coursework). This includes planning, research and pre-production, practical production and critical evaluation. 
A2 Course Summary
Unit 3 Critical perspectives – Exam (2 hours)
25% of A Level
Students look at the concept of the media and attempt to break down the misconception that media is formulaic in its approach. They will produce a case study throughout the year which will form the basis of their exam response.
Unit 4 Research and production –
(Controlled Assessment) – 25% of A Level
Students are expected to synthesize the theory and production skills of the professional media world by producing a critical investigation, and a linked production piece. They are to research, and create, media based on a topic of their choice.

Entry requirements

Students will ideally have a GCSE in Media Studies, but should have at least a B in GCSE English We would expect you to have a real interest in the media above and beyond watching TV and film.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Park House School directly.

Last updated date: 15 August 2016

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