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Physics at Brighouse High School

Course description

Physics is a challenging and interesting A-level course which seeks to explain everyday physical phenomena that we use and experience every day.  Any student considering a career or higher education in a wide number of areas including electronics, aeronautics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, medicine, radiography, computing science may find Physics essential or useful for progression.

This course covers a range of Physics topics that includes a balance of traditional areas of mechanics and field theory as well as the more contemporary Physics of quantum theory and astrophysics.  It is essential that the student has studied Additional Science or Physics GCSE.  The course also requires a good level of understanding of mathematics and students will benefit if they are also studying GCE Mathematics.

A practical endorsement will be assessed by teachers; students will be expected to develop and demonstrate competency in a range of skills that are not assessable in written exams. Students will achieve a pass or fail in this area which will appear on their qualification certificate. This assessment will not contribute to their overall grade. Other practical skills will be assessed in exams.


Course content

Course Content:


AS & A-Level

1 Measurements and their errors

1.1 Use of SI units and their prefixes

1.2 Limitation of physical measurements

1.3 Estimation of physical quantities

2 Particles and radiation

2.1 Particles

2.2 Electromagnetic radiation and quantum phenomena

3 Waves

3.1 Progressive and stationary waves

3.2 Refraction, diffraction and interference

4 Mechanics and materials

4.1 Force, energy and momentum

4.2 Materials

5 Electricity

5.1 Current electricity


A-Level Only

6 Further mechanics and thermal physics

6.1 Periodic motion

6.2 Thermal physics

7 Fields and their consequences

7.1 Fields

7.2 Gravitational fields

7.3 Electric fields

7.4 Capacitance

7.5 Magnetic fields

8 Nuclear physics

8.1 Radioactivity

9 Astrophysics

9.1 Telescopes

9.2 Classification of Stars

9.3 Cosmology


Entry requirements

Entry Requirements:   A minimum of 5 GCSE A*-C including English language and a B grade in Mathematics.

 A minimum of a grade B is required in triple sciences or a B grade in core science and a grade B in additional science.


Assessment: 4 exams at the end of 2 years of study in May/June 2018

 This is a two year linear course.  The AS is a standalone qualification if taken, and does not count towards the full A2.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brighouse High School directly.

Last updated date: 08 January 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 year

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