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Media Studies A Level at Torquay Boys Grammar School

Course description

Now housed in the spacious facilities in The Manor, Media Studies offers an enviable working environment purpose-designed for digital recording and editing facilities with Apple Mac computers. As the course progresses, it is hoped that the students develop critical understanding of the media concepts through the engagement with media products and concepts and through the creative application of practical skills. The depth of work will give students a sense of expertise in the topic areas of:

- Television
- Film
- Radio
- Newspapers
- Magazines
- Advertising and Marketing
- Online, Social and Participatory Media
- Video Games
- Music Videos

Students are encouraged to integrate their learning of theory into media production units as well as engage in new media technologies such as blogging, video diaries, interactive multimedia presentations, web-design as well as more traditional digital video editing.

Course content

Unit 1 – Media Products (Exam - 30%)
Section A: News Media Case Studies. Students will explore how media products are used by institutions to construct different representations and how media audiences interpret these products.
Section B: Students will use media theories to analyse and evaluate their own cross-media production from the coursework in Unit 3 (below).

Unit 2 – Media in the Digital Age (Exam - 40%)
Students will explore and analyse the ideas and arguments from debates about the media. These will be drawn from a historical perspective, the digital age and global media. A range of media forms will be studied in depth.

Unit 3 – Making Media (Coursework – 30%)
Students will practically explore the creation of three linked media products in a cross-media production from a choice of the following set briefs:
- Music Video – Promotional video, website, press kit
- Television magazine programme – two trailers, website, press kit
- Soap Opera – two trailers, website, press kit

Entry requirements

You do not have to have previously studied Media Studies in opting for A-Level. You should, however, have at least a GCSE Grade 6 in English Language and Grade B or higher in Media Studies is favourable if you took this subject at GCSE.

Enthusiasm and interest are the main requirements. Together with the determination and initiative to complete major production assignments and research. Very able students will find that the course offers strong academic challenges. Many students join the course who have never studies Media before – and go on to do very well. Students also relish the freedom of self-directed case studies and gain an importance sense of autonomy and ownership over their course of study and production.


Initially, classroom-based seminar lessons will concentrate on encouraging debate and analysis of media texts. Students are required to participate in all aspects of discussion – including online blog commenting using a department-administered blog hub. In the practical units, study will gradually become independently led in terms of research and group-based planning, filming and editing with teacher guidance throughout all stages of production.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Torquay Boys Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 25 April 2017

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