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Film Studies A Level at Helston Community College

Course description

Film Studies is suitable for students who have a love of and interest in fi lm, which they’re keen to develop beyond mainstream Hollywood fi lms. You’ll be able to immerse yourself fully in the world of the fi lm industry, including expanding your horizons to include world cinema, historically important and even more experimental fi lms. This is crucial to success on the course. Students who love creative work will have the chance to learn production skills and screenwriting, which are two very popular aspects of this course.

Course content

At AS, you’ll gain a knowledge and understanding of narrative and genre, and how these are used by fi lm-makers to convey their message to the audience. You’ll also undertake an intensive study of the fi lm industries in Hollywood and the UK, producing coursework and studying for exams which allow you to demonstrate this knowledge. There is a degree of choice in the fi lms you choose to produce your coursework on. In addition to the critical academic skills you’ll develop, you’ll also learn to look at fi lms through the eyes of a director and fi lm critic. You’ll learn the language used on fi lm sets and in postproduction for camera work and editing techniques, as well as how these impact on audiences.

You’ll also develop your practical fi lmmaking skills, resulting in the individual production of a sequence from a fi lm at AS, and a complete short fi lm at A2. Some of our student who love writing also learn to produce professional screenplays and submit these as coursework instead of fi lm production.

Entry requirements

To study fi lm at AS and A2 level, both HCC and the exam board recommend that you have at least a grade C in English Language at GCSE. There is a strong essay writing and examination component in this course.


There are coursework units which involve both fi lm-making and written work at both AS and A2. At AS, you will also produce some written coursework based on study of fi lms which you will choose. You will also be tested on one section of the exam paper both on a topic area studied in class (such as British Comedy Film and the American Road Movie) and in the other on your knowledge of the British and American Film Industries. At A2, you will also study World Cinema, and approaches to fi lm reception and criticism. You’ll also learn research methodologies in Film Studies through a small-scale research project on a subject which interests you – perhaps you love Studio Ghibli, or Pixar - or a particular actor or director. Maybe you’re interested in fi lms which have brought political change, or the revival of the musical – there is lots of scope to follow your enthusiasms with this project.

Future opportunities

Media and Film Studies both develop you as a person. They both give you new skills and improve the ones you may already have. You’ll become a better critical thinker, able to spot fl aws in arguments and understand diff erent perspectives. You’ll become a more skilled writer, able to order ideas in a thoughtful and confi dent way. You’ll learn new technical skills. Many of our Media and Film students enjoy the subjects so much they go on to study one or the other further at University. There are a huge number of related courses available at HE, from those with a vocational heart such as Television and Film Production, Broadcast Journalism or Advertising and PR to more traditionally academic courses such as Film Studies or Media and Cultural Studies. If University isn’t your thing, you’ll still fi nd you have plenty of skills which are attractive to employers.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Helston Community College directly.

Last updated date: 20 July 2016

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