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Philosophy AS and A Level at Park House School

Course description

Philosophy is the study of how to think about ideas and ask questions about truth. Philosophy explores the big questions – Who are we? How do we define right and wrong? What is reality? People have engaged in philosophical thought and debate ever since they have been able to think beyond their immediate situation and needs. Philosophy at AS and A2 Level introduces students to some important philosophical ideas, their development and their importance today. It enables students to develop their ability to analyse, reason and form judgements, to express themselves coherently and to contribute to the process of debate.

Course content

AS Course Summary
Unit 1 One written paper
50% of AS / 25% of A Level
• Reason and Experience (Compulsory unit)
How can we know anything?
• The Idea of God
What is the idea of God and does it make sense; if God can do anything, can God make a stone so heavy He cannot pick it up? The ontological argument to prove the existence of God just by thinking about it! Or is God just a human construct?
Unit 2 One written paper
50% of AS / 25% of A2
Knowledge of the External World
Is there anything out there? Does the falling tree make a sound when there is nobody around?
God and the World
More arguments for the existence of God. Is the world evidence for the existence of God?
Does what we see depend on how we see? 
A2 Course Summary
Unit 3 30% of A Level 
Moral Philosophy
Is there such a thing as moral truth? How do know what is the right thing to do? Can it ever be right to kill? We will consider some practical ethical issues such as abortion and euthanasia and apply moral theories. 
Political Philosophy
The nature and importance of liberty, rights and justice. What does it mean to be free? How can we resolve conflicts between the rights of the individual and the rights of society? How should resources be distributed – according to desire, need or equality? 
Philosophy of Religion
Why is there something rather than nothing? Is it possible to decide to believe in God? What is religious talk really saying?
Unit 4 20% of A Level
Descartes – Meditations 1 2 3 5 & 6
Studying the text that proves the existence of everything! The world, God and certainty.

Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE English Language or Literature.

Financial information

Possible costs for conference attendance.
Extra texts may be purchased at the discretion of the student

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Park House School directly.

Last updated date: 15 August 2016

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