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Government and PoliticsAdvanced Level at William Brookes School

Course description

AS Level
Key Questions in the AS Level course include:
 What is the nature of democracy in the UK and how can more people be
encouraged to take part in politics?
 What are the policies of the main political parties in Britain?
 How do British elections work, and do they fairly represent the wishes of the
British people?
 What are pressure groups and how effective are they?
 How does the British constitution work and are recent constitutional reforms
 What is the role of the British Parliament and does it need reforming?
 What are the powers of the British Prime Minister and do these need
 What powers are enjoyed by judges in Britain and do they protect civil and
individual rights effectively?
A2 Level Government and Politics
At A2 level the offered course looks at the structure of global politics and at global
political issues. In this it links well to the A2 level History course on International
Relations since 1945
In particular this course will look at issues of internationalisation and globalisation.
It will consider the changing world order since the collapse of Communism in
Europe (1989) and the USSR (1991), as well as the development of major global
institutions, such as the United Nations and NATO.
Finally, it will look in more depth at the development of regionalism across the
world, in particular at the expansion of the European Union
Among the global politic issues to be considered at A2 Level are the following:
 ‘Rogue’ states and the clash of different ideas
 Nuclear proliferation and the possession of weapons of mass destruction
 The spread of global terrorism and the war on terror
 The nature and extent of climate change and the different viewpoints on what
to do about it
 The nature and extent of global poverty and the effectiveness of attempts to
reduce it
 Different interpretations of human rights
 The extent to which human rights are protected by international law
 Humanitarian aid and its effectiveness

Entry requirements

A genuine interest in politics and how Britain and the world works is required. A minimum of 5 GCSE passes A-C, including English is required and a B in English would be preferable.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact William Brookes School directly.

Last updated date: 07 November 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years