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Mathematics A Level at Devonport High School for Boys

Course description

Mathematics at A level is an interesting and challenging course, which is essential as a qualifying subject for a wide range of careers and courses in Higher Education (the Sciences, Engineering, Accountancy) and extremely helpful for others (Business Studies and Economics).

Course content

New for September 2017, the maths A level contains content from three broad areas of mathematics:
 Pure Mathematics
 Applied Mathematics: Statistics
 Applied Mathematics: Mechanics

The pure mathematics content will build upon and add much greater depth of understanding to many areas studied at GCSE, including mathematical argument and proof, algebra and functions, sequences and series, trigonometry and vectors. Additionally you are first introduced to the concepts of differentiation and integration, which together form a large part of the course.

The work in statistical methods begins by building on existing knowledge in areas such as sampling, data presentation and interpretation and probability, but then moves on to explore new ideas including looking at statistical distributions and hypothesis testing.

The work in mechanics will be almost all new content compared with GCSE, and covers such content as kinematics (the study of moving objects), forces and Newton’s Laws and the study of moments (turning forces).

Entry requirements

Candidates must have at least a grade 7 at GCSE and an interest in studying the subject to a high level.

Additionally, students are expected to be competent in the following GCSE skills:
- Algebraic manipulation, including algebraic fractions and simultaneous equations
- Factorisation of quadratic expressions
- Solving quadratic equations, including use of Completing the Square and the Difference of Two Squares
- Manipulation of Surds, including the expansion of pairs of brackets and the rationalisation of fractions with surds in the denominator
- Manipulations of indices, including a good understanding of negative and fractional indices.


You will be taught, via a mixture of online and printed resources and use of up-to-date calculator and computer technology. We will cover the necessary mathematical facts, concepts and techniques, and their applications in the real world.

Future opportunities

Study of mathematics leads directly to Higher Education courses and from there employment in a wide range of fields; Universities, the Services, the Finance sector, Engineering, Technology, Computing, Systems Analysis, Operational Research and many more.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Devonport High School for Boys directly.

Last updated date: 02 May 2017

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