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Mathematics A Level at Cramlington Learning Village

Course description

Building on the work you have met at GCSE, Mathematics in the Sixth Form involves new ideas that some of the greatest minds have produced. You must enjoy using mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems, and be prepared to work as a class, in groups and on your own. You will learn how to understand and demonstrate mathematical proof, use a variety of technologies and resources, and simplify real-life situations by using Mathematics to model what might happen in different circumstances.

Course content

You can study up to three aspects of Mathematics:

Pure Mathematics (C1, C2, C3 and C4) is the challenge of problemsolving and extends your knowledge of such topics as algebra and trigonometry to include powerful new ideas such as calculus.

Statistics (S1) extends the sophistication of GCSE problems by using pure Mathematics skills to summarise, analyse and interpret numerical data. You will build probability models to test the likelihood of specific events.

Decision Mathematics (D1) is part of the much wider area of Mathematics referred to as Discrete Mathematics, which can be used to solve very complex problems. Decision Mathematics uses the techniques of Discrete Mathematics to solve real life problems in many areas.

Mechanics (M1) is an essential introduction to engineering, physics and important modern fields of study such as cybernetics, biomechanics and sports science.

Entry requirements

5 A* - C GCSEs across a range of subjects including an A grade in Maths is required. An average GCSE point score of 43 or above is required.


Modules C1 & C2 will be examined in year 12, and C3 and C4 in year 13. C3 has a piece of coursework associated with it worth 20% of the module (roughly 3% of the A Level as a whole). S1 will be examined in year 12. A choice of D1 or M1 will be examined in year 13.

Future opportunities

The one year AS Level (preferably in year 12) is a valuable supporting subject especially for the Sciences, Geography, Psychology, Medicine, Economics and Law.

The two-year A Level is essential for a degree in the subject and suggested for related Higher Education courses; especially Engineering, Teaching, Medicine, Accountancy, Architecture, Economics, Psychology, Environmental Studies and Computer Sciences.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Cramlington Learning Village directly.

Last updated date: 30 June 2015

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