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Psychology - AS/A2 at The John Roan School

Course description

AS Level Unit 1 Introducing Psychology & Research Methods Key approaches in Psychology: the basic assumptions of the following approaches will be covered – biological; behaviourist; social learning theory; cognitive; psychodynamic and humanistic. Biopsychology: basic understanding of the structure of the nervous system, the genetic basis of behaviour. Gender development: biological and psychological explanations of gender development. Research methods: understanding methodology in psychological research. Unit 2 Social, Cognitive and Individual Differences Social Psychology: social influence, conformity and obedience; social cognition, attitude formation and explanations of prejudice. Cognitive Psychology: remembering and forgetting. Perceptual processes Individual differences: anxiety disorders; phobias obsessive compulsive disorders; autism; treatments and therapies. A2 Level Unit 3 Child Development & Applied options Social, cognitive and moral development of children (e.g. Piaget and Kohlberg). Options include: cognition and law, schizophrenia, stress, substance abuse and forensic psychology. Unit 4 - Approaches, Debates and Methods in Psychology Critical appreciation of the breadth of theoretical and methodological approaches in psychology. Debates including the ‘free will verses determinism’ debate; naturenurture debate; Holism and reductionism; idiographic and nomothetic approaches. Psychology and science. Methods: inferential statistics and issues in research. Assessment: Written exam for each unit.

Entry requirements

5 A* to C grades GCSE, A* to C in maths and English

Further information

To find out more about this qualification, contact us, ask your Connexions Personal Adviser or school/college careers staff.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The John Roan School directly.

Last updated date: 13 September 2016
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