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Sociology AS A2 at The Duston School

Course description

Sociology is all about the study of social behaviour - how people behave in groups, why people behave the way they do, what factors in society affect their behaviour. In looking at human behaviour, sociologists go far beyond the `common sense` investigating all of the important areas of social life and the major issues and problems facing modern society.

Course content

Sociology involves reading from a variety of sources including books, magazines and newspapers. Practical work involves observing and interviewing people and time is spent analysing and interpreting research data. Lessons will include video, film, discussions and student presentations. Regular homework of various types is set including practical reserach, reviewing literature, note taking, and written reports.

Sociology is a very interesting subject and tends to attract a special kind of student - are you the student who:

  • Takes an interest in people
  • Takes notes of what goes on around you
  • Enjoys a good discussion
  • Is open minded and willing to listen to the theories and opinions of others
  • Doesn`t expect to find a `right` answer to every question
  • Doesn`t believe everthing you read in the newspaper
  • Argues with the television(!)
  • Enjoys reading abstract theories and writing essays
  • Has the capacity for a lot of hard and challenging work

If you have answered YES to all or most of these questions, then Sociology may be the course for you.

Entry requirements

For entry to Sociology at `A` Level good GCSE grades in English and Humanities are particularly helpful. 


The assessment of Sociology is modular.

In Year 12 (AS) three modules are taken which comprise of data-response questions on topics such as families and households, education and sociological methods.

In Year 13 the A2 examination comprises of two modules which comprise of data-response and essay type questions on topics such as religion and crime and deviance, and a coursework study of approximately 3,500 words.

Future opportunities

Sociology is useful in almost all walks of life, especially those involving people. Careers to which Sociology is directly relevant include:

  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Retailing
  • Civil Service
  • General Management
  • Business
  • Personnel Management
  • Police Force
  • Social Work
  • Nursing / Health Service
  • Local Government
  • Law

Further information

For further details please contact Mrs L M Payne or Mr P Markey. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Duston School directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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