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English Literature - AS / A level at Kesgrave High School

Course description

The aims of the AS and A Level specification are to: encourage candidates to develop interest and enjoyment in literary studies through reading widely, critically and independently introduce candidates to the traditions of English Literature at AS.

The AS course focuses on ‘The Struggle for Identity’ as expressed in modern literature. We study a range of modern texts, looking at the way identity is expressed through prose, poetry and drama.

The A2 course is entitled ‘Love Through the Ages’, and takes you on a journey through the literature of love from Chaucer’s poetry to modern novelists.

The course will enable you to:

• Develop your interest and enjoyment in literature by reading widely;

• Gain an understanding of the traditions of English Literature;

• Make informed opinions and judgements on literary texts;

• Gain an understanding of cultural, historical and other influences on texts.




Course content

Lessons will be varied, active and centred around discussion and dialogue. You will learn to formulate and express your own ideas and readings of texts, and will be encouraged to work with peers to discover and explore new ways of engaging with texts. You will be offered the opportunity to see literature in performance, and to engage with different interpretations of literature, as well as film, music and art.

The AS specification aims to:

1. develop confident, independent and reflective readers of a range of texts.

2. encourage candidates to express their responses effectively.

3. encourage the use of critical concepts and terminology with understanding and discrimination.

4. encourage candidates to reflect on their own responses to texts, to consider other readers. interpretations, and to develop some awareness of the contexts in which texts are written.

At A Level The specification aims to:

1. broaden and deepen the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in the AS, enabling candidates to gain a wider sense of the scope of literary study.

2. encourage candidates to use detailed knowledge and understanding of individual texts to explore comparisons and connections between them.

3. encourage candidates to appreciate the significance of cultural and historical influences upon readers and writers.

Entry requirements

It is recommended that candidates should have acquired the skills and knowledge associated with a GCSE English course to Grade C or equivalent before commencing study for this specification.

The specification lays an appropriate foundation for further study of English Literature or related subjects in higher education.

In addition, it provides a worthwhile course for candidates of various ages and diverse backgrounds in terms of general education and life long learning.




AS Level

There are two units at AS and these will involve the study of all three forms of lIterature.

Both examination and courswork will be the assessment formats

A2 Level

There are THREE units at A2 and will include studying some texts as pairs and also writing coursework.

Board :WJEC

Future opportunities

Students with AS or A Level English Literature have a wide range of possible career and Higher Education opportunities.  You will learn and use a wide variety of transferable skills during the course.  These include writing for a variety of purposes, expressing informed and independent opinions and identifying and developing the links between different literary texts.  These skills are in demand from employers, universities and colleges and are also valuable in their own right.

English Literature can be studied as a single subject in Higher Education or can be combined with a wide variety of other subjects.  It could form a good basis for study in any arts-based subject in combination with, for example, History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Law, Politics or Languages.

Further information

For more information, contact Mrs Simpson

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kesgrave High School directly.

Last updated date: 20 July 2015
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