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Psychology A-Level at Ranelagh School

Course description

Thisqualification offers an engaging and effective introduction to Psychology. Students develop skills valued by higher education and employers, including critical evaluation, independent thinking and research analysis.

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental processes through the scientific viewpoint. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of theories that have been put forward to explain human behaviour, as well as a range of approaches to psychology including evolutionary, behavioural and cognitive explanations. The course features elements of clinical, eyewitness testimony, biological and child development psychology: students will learn through a variety of methods including experiments, debates, practical, role plays and presentations.

Psychology is considered a science and the scientific nature of the discipline is emphasised throughout, as students will examine biological explanations of behaviour and develop an understanding of the use of the scientific method in Psychology.

Course content

Psychology is an essay-based subject and as such, a good command of language is needed. It is also a science-based discipline and students need to have sound mathemat ical skills and scientific knowledge.


Unit 1 - Introductory topics in psychology

  • Social influence
  • Memory
  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology

Unit 2 - Psychology in context

  • Approaches in psychology
  • Research methods
  • Biopsychology

Unit 3 - Issues and options in Psychology

  • Issues and debates in psychology
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Aggression

Entry requirements

Prospective students are expected to achieve grade B or above in GCSE Biology or BB or above in Core a nd Additional Science.


Unit 1 - 33.3% of A level - written exam 2 hrs - multiple choice, short answer and extended writing

Unit 2 - 33.3% of A level - written exam 2 hrs -mutiple choice, short answer and extended writing

Unit 3 - 33.3% of A level - written exam 2 hrs - multiple choice, short answer and extended writing

Future opportunities

This course provides students with the opportunity to find out the depth of their interest in psychology, the nature of the subject and the activities and skills involved. Pursuing a career as a professional psychologist requires a degree recognised by the British Psychological Society. Opportunities for employment include educational, clinical or organisational psychology, which usually involve studying for a Masters Degree or PhD in one of these specialist areas. Chartered status can be attained after a period of experience when a proven level of competence is achieved. Many other careers benefit from an understanding of human behaviour including the caring professions, e.g. nursing or social work, as well as opportunities in business including human resources or advertising. Psychology is also becoming increasingly important in the development of future advanced technology with which humans will interact, e.g. computers and robotic or artificially intelligent systems.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ranelagh School directly.

Last updated date: 04 January 2017

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